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Pranamat ECO is produced by "Pranamat Fabrika" SIA. "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" SIA have exclusive rights to sell and distribute all products by "Pranamat Fabrika" SIA. Legal information:

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" SIA
Reg.Nr.: 40103940495
Legal and physical address:
Mūkusalas 29B, Riga
LV-1004, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 67780780
(8:00-16:00 GMT business days)
Fax. (+371) 67780781

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" is on a mission to provide innovative and environmentally friendly products to nurture our minds, souls and bodies. We aim to improve balance and support healthy lifestyles in every way we can.

Within our team are specialists in health and wellness, yoga professionals, entrepreneurs and designers, and together we can create unique and truly effective eco-friendly health products. We're passionate about combining ancient wisdom, pure materials and beautiful aesthetics to create products that satisfy the needs of health-conscious individuals around the world.

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" vision is to help individuals to discover their inner power by casting away all barriers. We form the bridge between the past, present and future; ancient practices and modern technologies combine with the colors and patterns of nature to create innovative products that look elegant and have incredible effects of the body.

Nature plays a huge role in our design process, and we allow ourselves to feel inspired and educated by its numerous forms, colors and wisdom to create beautiful products that engage all the senses.

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" product range:

  • Theraupetic manual massage mats − Pranamat and Pranamat Mini
  • Therapeutic manual massage pillow - PranaPillow
  • Nasal cleaner − Petal Neti Pot
  • «FLOW» clothing collection − Lotus for Ardhanari

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" products are:

  • Based on nature to be elegant and beautiful
  • Made from high quality, natural ingredients
  • Easy to use and highly effective

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" products help individuals to:

  • Relief of minor muscle aches and pains

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" environmental, moral and social commitments include:

  • Open communication to consumers, society and media
  • Fair, legal employment practices
  • Competitive and fair remuneration for employees
  • The use of non-harmful and non-allergenic materials
  • Dedication to recycling and eco-friendly manufacturing processes