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B2B relations

Become a part of "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" growing network of sellers. We offer excellent deals to sales partners. You can already find our products in small and large shops of all kinds, malls, online venues, print catalogs, as well as beauty salons and spas across the globe. Become a retailer or wholesaler with "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" and get access to the best goods around!

Our products are perfect for many markets but we have a few in mind, including spas, massage equipment stores, health and beauty shops and yoga outlets.


We offer:

  • opportunity for growth
  • the best products available
  • top of the line marketing assistance
  • reliable delivery
  • attention to your needs

If you are interested in this opportunity, please let us know today. We will have our leadership team help you find the plan that can suit your needs best. Contact us by email or send a message on our Contacts page.