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3 key benefits of massage therapy for those who exercise

massage therapy

1. Pain reduction

Perhaps the simplest reason to indulge in a post-workout massage is the well-documented impact a deep tissue massage will have on delayed-onset muscle soreness. Getting a massage versus going without can mean the difference between a few hours of recovery time and a few days of recovery time. If you want to get back into the gym in a timely manner, pulling out a Pranamat ECO and giving or receiving a top-notch massage is exactly what you need. 

2. Stress relief

If you’re really pushing yourself, you’re generating quite a cocktail of hormones for your mind and body. To a degree, this is a good thing — it’s what makes your body stronger, faster, and more efficient than ever. But you can have too much of a good thing, and the good stress of a workout can quickly become the sort of bad stress that puts you in foul moods and opens you up to illness. Deep tissue massages can help you relax and get back out of the workout mindset.

3. Muscle relaxation

Constant tension isn’t good for you, whether it’s caused by physical stress, mental stress, poor posture, or any other reason. A sports massage after a good workout will loosen you up and work out the tension more effectively and efficiently than anything else you can manage or imagine. With so many health benefits associated with reducing held tension in the body, this is a difficult benefit to pass up.

And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unlike many popular post-workout rituals, the science behind sports massages is top notch, peer-reviewed medical science — the real deal, documented and tested by the most knowledgeable sports medicine experts and athletes in the world.

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