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3 paths to back pain relief

back pain relief

Few things can negatively impact your well-being quite so thoroughly as chronic back pain. Constant pain strongly correlates with a number of health issues, including stress, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, and countless other ailments, so it’s vital that you get your back pain under control as soon as possible - for your health as well as your peace of mind. Here are three ways to get back pain relief:

1. Monitor your posture

In many cases, back pain can be traced back to a root cause of poor posture: sitting at your desk the wrong way, or in a bad chair. Exercising with inappropriate form, leaning over the sink while you do the dishes, laying at an odd angle while you read, the list goes on and on. Pay attention to how you hold yourself through the day, and make corrections. Make sure you have a firm understanding of what constitutes good posture — ramrod straight is not the answer.

2. Get better sleep

Many people get stuck in a vicious cycle with poor sleep and back pain; you’ll struggle to get through a night uninterrupted with back pain waking you up, which will in turn make your back pain worse and linger longer. To improve the state of your back, you should take steps to minimize interruptions to your night, letting you sleep deeply and consistently. Steps to take include stretching before bed, sleeping on a surface with adequate back support, and avoiding distractions in the hour or so leading up to bed.

3. Exercise to improve core strength and flexibility

As with most forms of pain and physical difficulty, it’s important to fight the inclination to lounge and nurse your injury indefinitely. Living an active life will help your back in the long term, even if it feels difficult in the short term. Consider something low-intensity and well-supported early on, like yoga on a nice massage mat. Your goals are to improve core strength and general flexibility, so that there’s less tension and pressure on your spine throughout the day.

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