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3 tips for a healthier you

healthy tips

A healthy lifestyle does not just help you to live longer, it also gives you a better quality of life. It helps you get in better shape and reduces your risk of contracting disease, from smaller things such as flu to big things like cancer. A healthy lifestyle includes a well-rounded combination of various things including a good diet, lots of sleep and sufficient exercise.

1.    Maintaining a healthy diet

A healthy diet does not just mean that you eat nothing but soy beans and salad; it means that you have a well-rounded diet consisting of everything from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy. While some people are intolerant of meat and dairy, you should have some form of protein to help with digestion and energy. 

2.    Healthy sleeping habits

Sleeping habits are much more than just getting your eight hours of beauty sleep every night; it also includes getting the restful sleep that you need. Most physicians recommend that you achieve a certain amount of REM (deep sleep) during the night as your wake cycle sleep does not achieve the restfulness that your body needs. To ensure that you have the REM sleep you need you should maintain a ritualistic type of bedtime routine every night. This could include things like taking a warm shower or bath right before bed, drinking a cup of chamomile tea or reading a book. The exact science of what will help you sleep will depend on you and what helps you to relax, but it is important to follow the same routine every night.

3.    Get outside or get to the gym

No matter how healthy your diet and sleep cycles are, they do not do any good unless you are getting out and exercising your body. Your workout will not only help you stay in optimal physical condition, it will also help you to stay healthy. Doctors recommend at least 45 minutes of good cardio workouts at least three times per week. This will get your heart rate up (always consult your doctor for your healthy cardio rate) which helps to keep your heart healthy and thus, your entire body working as it should. 

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