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4 tips to relax your muscles

muscle tension

1. Meditation or hypnosis.

These two techniques, while somewhat different in execution and mental effect, have very similar effects on the state of your muscles: namely, they’re both excellent ways to relax. You can do meditation with or without tools, and hypnosis with or without a partner, so altogether the choice of how to go about it is up to you—just make sure you do it regularly, and trust in the result.

2. Stretching.

While stretching has been debunked as a pre-workout ritual for years, it still has an important part to play after your workout, or some other time during the day. Do your research and make sure you’re doing a stretching regimen that contracts and relaxes all of the major muscle groups; guessing what to do won’t work nearly as well as a properly tested and developed regimen.

3. Heat up.

Hot showers, steam rooms, that sort of thing. The deep penetrating heat of saunas and other environments works wonders for your muscles, amps up your circulation, and just feels great. Combine it with anything else on this list, and you’ll feel the benefits even more - just be careful not to overdo it.

4. Deep tissue massage.

Whether you do it yourself with a tool (or your trusty tennis ball, as athletes have done forever) or have a friend with the right skills handle it for you, nothing beats the effects of a nice, deep tissue massage after a workout. With a Pranamat ECO you’ll experience the ultimate in muscle relaxation, and feel the benefits of a deep tissue massage more than you would using anything other techniques or tools.

These aren’t the only ways to relax your muscles, of course, but with these under your belt it shouldn’t be hard to get nice and loose on a regular basis. Enjoy the benefits!

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