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5 benefits of massage you shouldn’t miss out on

benefits of massage

Wondering whether it’s worth learning a bit about massage therapy? Whether you’re applying a home massage to yourself, or bringing out the massage mat for someone else, there’s a host of benefits of massage to be shared by the savvy—and some may surprise you. So consider these five benefits of massage, and make the right decision:

1. Stress relief

Everyone knows this one by now, but it bears repeating often and loudly. Stress and anxiety have serious deleterious effects on our lives, affecting just about everything, including productivity, mood and health. Allowing stress to accumulate simply isn’t an option, but a simple massage can go a very long way toward helping.

2. Recovery from workouts

Want to bounce back from workouts faster? Delayed-onset muscle pain crippling you for hours or even days after a tough session? Deep tissue massages can give you the relief you need; just follow up intense workouts with an equally tough massage and you’ll be back to normal far, far sooner than you otherwise would have been.

3. Pain relief

Muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, and a host of other forms of pain can all be relieved through regular messages. Even problems you’ve long given up on treating through medication might finally see a bit of respite from a good massage. Experiment with different types to find the most suitable for your particular condition, as different massages can have vastly different effects on your body.

4. Digestion

There’s been quite a bit of research in recent years on the impact of massage on digestion and digestive disorders, and the news looks quite promising. GERD, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s, and a variety of other digestive ailments can all be relieved through well-applied massages. Even simple indigestion or bloating can be reduced through a massage.

5. Better sleep

There are dozens of problems linked to insomnia, and massages help with a great many of them. So it’s not big surprise that people who experience regular messages also see much, much better sleep than those who do not. If you struggle to get to sleep at night, stay asleep at night, or get proper rest from your sleep, massages might be the medicine you need to make your nights restful again.

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