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5 poor circulation red flags to watch for

5 poor circulation red flags to watch for

Your blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the rest of your body, so if something has gone awry with your blood circulation, it can seriously impact your overall health. Read on to discover the five common warning signs your circulation isn't up to snuff.

Your limbs go numb

Most people will experience numbness in the limbs every once in a while, such as when your foot goes to sleep because you cut blood flow off to it by the way you were sitting. But if you notice this is happening more frequently and without any obvious cause, it might be a sign of low blood circulation.

You feel mentally "fuzzy"

Your brain must have a normal blood supply to work properly. If your blood circulation isn't what it should be, your cognitive abilities won't be either. You may notice your memory becoming poorer and have trouble thinking clearly if your circulation is off.

You're having digestive troubles 

Both a lack of appetite and digestive issues such as nausea can be signs of low blood circulation. Your gastrointestinal tract uses blood to digest your food and pass nutrients to your intestines. Without proper circulation, you may experience a lack of appetite because your digestion has slowed down, and other digestive issues may arise from the food you do eat not being digested properly. 

You're exhausted

A sluggish circulatory system just isn't capable of delivering vitamins, minerals and oxygen to the various parts of the body, and this also impacts your metabolism. If your body doesn't have a normal supply of nutrient-rich blood, it will go into conservation mode — a defense mechanism meant to conserve energy until things are back to normal. Without a normal energy supply, you may feel exhausted just doing day-to-day tasks. 

You're getting sick more than usual

Your circulatory system plays an important role in your immune system's maintenance. When your circulation isn't what it should be, the minerals and vitamins your body needs to conquer infections aren't delivered as fast and/or in the right quantities. 

If you're experiencing serious signs of poor circulation, you may need to speak to your doctor. Exercise, such as yoga, can also help improve your blood flow.

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