The benefits of applying honey to your skin

The benefits of applying honey to your skin

If you wish to bring out your true beauty, the secret lies in using natural products. Although people rush to use expensive cosmetics, it is possible to achieve great results by using unprocessed products. While people love honey for its distinctive sweet taste, it can also deliver some pleasing results for your skin.

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treat cellulite

How to treat your cellulite with massage

Cellulite is a problem that all women can suffer from, no matter how thin they are, and no matter how good their diet is. Women get cellulite because of poor circulation. Your tissue retains too much fluid, resulting in those unattractive lumps. Men do not often get cellulite because they do not retain water the way that women do.

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massage therapy

3 key benefits of massage therapy for those who exercise

Do you struggle with stiffness, muscle pain, extended recovery times, or any of the various other issues common after rigorous exercise? You might want to consider the potential of a good deep tissue sports massage for your ailments, as a post-recovery ritual with more benefits than you might realize — these three alone make the case for the fitness, health, and well-being conscious:

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benefits of massage

5 benefits of massage you shouldn’t miss out on

Wondering whether it’s worth learning a bit about massage therapy? Whether you’re applying a home massage to yourself, or bringing out the massage mat for someone else, there’s a host of benefits of massage to be shared by the savvy—and some may surprise you. So consider these five benefits of massage, and make the right decision:

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wellness trends to watch in 2016

Wellness trends to watch in 2016

In 2015, we saw a rising number of trends in health and wellness including an upsurge in vegan eating and a more eclectic approach to fitness. Now as 2016 begins, we look forward to yet another year of great wellness trends. But what will those trends be and what will their impact be? We won't truly know until the year gets going, but we do have some things we feel will be worth paying attention to. Today, we'll have a look at a few things that e expect to be trending in 2016.

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pulled back muscle

Actions to take when you suffer a pulled back muscle

Your back pain might be caused by either a muscle or a lumbar (ligament) strain. The obvious step is to consult your doctor, but you may feel that your condition doesn’t really warrant a full medical intervention. Therefore, you want to know what steps you can take yourself, or, if you do consult with a medical practitioner, what the drugs and activities they might prescribe should achieve. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the medication you might use for a pulled back muscle to relieve the pain or discomfort. There are three areas for consideration here. Firstly, to combat the pain itself, you would look for a medication which works by interrupting the pain signals sent from the inflamed area to the relevant part of your brain. Such drugs are known as analgesics, and an example of this type is acetaminophen.

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massage to ease back pain

Massages to ease back pain

Back pain affects more than half of Americans at some point in their life. No matter your age, weight, job, or outside stresses, your back can be overworked, fatigued, and hurt for periods of time. For any type of back pain, and chronic pain especially, simply taking painkilling medications is not your only option, and there are other methods that can help relieve pain over time. 

Studies have shown that a massage for back pain can be a great way to manage the pain and get relief. Massages can not only relieve short-term pain, but also help with chronic back pain and your overall health. Massages improve circulation, ease muscle tension, and help with flexibility. 

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