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Easy methods for getting your body back after pregnancy

Easy methods for getting your body back after pregnancy

The list of things to get back in order after giving birth is typically not a small one and losing your baby weight is certainly near the top. While this can feel daunting for many new mothers with busier than busy days, there are several proven methods that help. These are some of the easiest tips for losing that unwanted baby fat. 


Surprisingly, breastfeeding can burn up to 700 calories a day. It's important to note that when breastfeeding ends, the body requires significantly less calorie intake. If you don't watch out for this, it's easy to gain weight after the breastfeeding period. 

Limit calories and fat

Be wary of foods with empty calories such as soda, chips and trendy diet foods. Incorporate a variety of nutrient rich foods into your cooking. Great examples of low calorie high nutrient foods are lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Low-fat dairy products are also acceptable. 

Healthy snacking

Having healthy snacks around is a good idea for keeping the temptation to eat junk food at bay. Low-fat dairy products are a great idea as calcium helps with weight loss. Other ideas for healthy snacks include hard boiled eggs, apples with almond butter and fruit smoothies. 


Getting the right amount of sleep is highly beneficial for weight loss. When you feel well-rested you're less likely to eat foods with a high sugar content for energy. This is especially important for new moms, as nightly sleep can take a hit due to baby care needs. 


Obviously exercise plays a huge role in weight loss for everyone. However, new moms are often too tired to actually make a trip to the gym. This is totally fine since the body isn't really ready for intense physical exertion at this point. Yet, there are plenty of ways to incorporate movement into your day, such as taking your baby for a stroll and at home stretching. In fact, doing light yoga with a Pranamat ECO massage mat is a great way to speed up the weight loss process. The Pranamat ECO provides natural cellulite removal and aids in warming up the muscles to increase flexibility.

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