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5 things every home needs

Five things every home needs

Whether you're single or living the family life, your home is your fortress. Every home must have these five essential items that make it more comfortable, stylish and functional. 

1. The perfect mattress

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, which means your bed should be comfortable and supportive. A good mattress is an investment that's worth spending a little extra money on. When you're in the store, take your time trying out different mattresses. Imitate your usual sleeping positions and determine which bed offers the most comfort and support. 

2. Plants

It doesn't take a green thumb to keep a few house plants alive and thriving. Nature provides dozens of plant species that flourish inside and require minimal care. The two main benefits of having living plants in your home are that they improve the air quality and make it feel more inviting. If you're renting an apartment, adding some plants to the inside gives your space a more permanent feel. 

3. Art

Finding the perfect piece of art to complete a room is often difficult, but necessary. Simplify the process by choosing a piece that really says something to you or represents your personality in some way. Art pieces in the home can also signify a special time or place in your life. Remember to think about where you're going to place a piece before you purchase it. 

4. A bookcase

Bookcases are more than they seem; they offer many decorating options and are a form of entertainment for guests. The most important thing about having a bookcase in a room is keeping it organized. Instead of filling whole shelves with books, leave spaces for decorative items that can be used as bookends. 

5. A massage mat

The therapeutic massage mat from Pranamat ECO relieves minor aches and pains while giving you a natural boost in vitality. With all the hard work you do to maintain your home, it's important to take care of yourself. Regular use of the Pranamat ECO improves your overall well-being to help you meet each day with enough energy and a positive outlook.

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