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4 tips to improve your mood every day

4 tips to improve your mood every day

Wondering how to improve your mood on a daily basis? Good moods feed into great achievements, which feed back into good moods. It may surprise you to find out that one of the easiest ways to be happy starts with ‘tricking’ yourself into a good mood; you don’t have to wait for a reason to be happy and satisfied. Get in that positive head space first, then use it to excel! These four tips will help you make that happen. 


It might sound a little silly, but it works: when you get up in the morning, when you have a moment in the work bathroom, give yourself a little pep talk. For most of us, we get more criticism from inside our heads than we could ever get from our peers—counter that little voice tainting your mood with a big, loud voice boosting it. Tell yourself you are a success, that you’re going to meet new goals today, that you look fantastic. Don’t use negatives. “I am not a failure” isn’t the right tone to take for these; “I’m doing awesome today” is. 

Setting realizable goals

Nothing feels as great as breaking through a milestone, so to keep your mood up throughout the day make sure you have firm, somewhat challenging goals to tackle. You want something you can quantify and measure, so you know for a fact you’ve hit your target. It should be a bit challenging but easily attainable. 

A workout and massage

Exercise works wonders for mood; a massage works out the remaining kinks and improves your recovery. Put them together, and you have a silver bullet to take out bad moods. A few minutes after your exercise regime, lay out with a Pranamat ECO and do a self-massage or get a knowledgeable acquaintance to help you out. You’ll feel great for a long time. 

Short naps

If you have somewhere to take a quick nap in the middle of the day, do it: a nap can completely revitalize your mood and put you back at maximum energy—even if it’s just a short respite. For maximum rest quality and ease of finding a place for your nap, a Pranamat ECO is an amazing tool.

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