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How to alleviate minor back pain after pregnancy

How to alleviate minor back pain after pregnancy

The birth of a baby is good news for everyone in the family. All members of the family make sure they congratulate the mother for a safe delivery. However, the joy of childbirth may be dampened if the mother experiences minor back pain after pregnancy. Unless the pain is severe, there are a few things that a mother can do to reduce the back pain. They include:

Start exercising as soon as possible 

Considering the relief of childbirth after the stress of carrying a baby, many mothers are not keen to start working out. In case you have not recovered your strength, you can start by doing light exercises such as stretching. The workouts are likely to help you get back in shape and strengthen the back, reducing the pain.

Avoid lifting any heavy item 

After giving birth, a woman should avoid lifting any heavy objects under any circumstances. If you have to pick up your child from the crib, you need to take special care to open the side and lift the baby towards you to avoid straining your already fragile back.

Make use of the Pranamat ECO massage mat 

Keeping in mind that you should only do light exercises, a massage mat will do you a lot of good. It is a good idea to use a tried and tested brand such as the Pranamat ECO massage mat if you want practical results. As you lay on the mat during the workout, it will gently work on your back, and subsequently offer minor pain relief.

Maintain a good posture while breastfeeding 

Many new mothers tend to lean towards the baby during breastfeeding. This position ends up straining the back as well as the neck area. You ought to look for a comfortable seat that allows you to adopt the right posture and also comfortably support the baby. 

Make an effort to manage your weight 

Many women experience a weight increase during pregnancy. After delivery, you are also in danger of a further weight increase since you will feel hungry more often as you breastfeed. The best option is to talk to a nutritionist who will offer advice on the best diet to maintain enough breast milk without adding weight.

If you have experienced minor back pain after pregnancy, or you know someone that is currently suffering, please make an effort to tell them about these post-partum pain relief tips. Feel free to share this article on social media and they will no doubt thank you for it.

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