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How to improve low blood circulation

How to improve low blood circulation

Learning how to improve low blood circulation may sound overwhelming but, after following some simple steps and lifestyle changes, it’s possible to make these corrections. Many factors contribute to poor blood circulation, and it’s beneficial for you to determine the cause while working on learning how to improve your circumstances. That way, you can ensure you stay healthier for longer.

Increasing physical activity

Increasing the amount of physical activity you do is one of the ways of learning how to improve blood circulation. Regular physical fitness includes exercise as simple as going for a daily walk and more rigorous activities, including biking and swimming. Your circulation will improve if you exercise as often as you can, including doing cardiovascular and strength training. Don't forget the importance of stretching, massage, and elevating your legs.

Lifestyle modifications

Another method of learning how to improve poor circulation is through the implementation of lifestyle modifications. The first step toward better circulation includes the avoidance of unhealthy foods. Consider the addition of lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to your diet. Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol and increasing water helps with poor circulation, as well. If you need to hear another reason to quit smoking, improvement of blood circulation is a good one. Finding ways to relieve stress also helps with poor blood circulation. 

Consulting a physician

Sometimes, figuring out how to improve low blood circulation means pinpointing trouble spots in the body or determining warning signs. For example, if you're experiencing a bluish tint to your skin or your extremities are unusually cold, you could be experiencing poor circulation. Other warning signs include tingling in your extremities, or your wounds healing slowly. Under some circumstances, all you may need is supplements for the improvement of blood circulation. These could be a combination of green tea, goji berry extracts, and astragalus.

Final thoughts about poor circulation

While lifestyle modifications and an increase in daily activity may be challenging for some, it’s important to make every attempt to achieve these goals. Take advantage of family support if you are unable to stay motivated without outside help. This effort will help you stay on task and reach success. 

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