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How to improve your morning routine

Morning routine

How many times have you said “I’m just not a morning person?” Probably more times than you wish, and it seems like an impossible task to try and start every single day off right. Wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed and leave. But help is here, so follow these three tips to start your day off right and create a new morning routine.

Step 1: Cut the screen time

We all love our phones. Maybe a little too much. So don’t worry about checking your email, time lines, or anything else as soon as you wake up. It’s going to be tough, your alarm clock is more than likely your smartphone. If it is, try getting an old school alarm clock. Give yourself a break from your phone until you’ve gotten yourself going in the morning. Those adorable kitten photos will still be there to smile at in 15 minutes.

Step 2: When life gives you lemons, make lemon water

Coffee is the fuel of the morning. You need it, you crave it. But what about swapping out your cup of java for a cup of water? Give it a few squirts of lemon juice, no need to squeeze an entire fruit into the cup, and suddenly you’ll have a drink that is delicious, but also nutritious in vitamins. It freshens your breath, wakes you up faster, and aids your digestive system.

Step 3: Set, and stick to, your goals of the day

Not all goals are created equal. Set realistic ones you know you can achieve, then slowly start bringing them up. Try packing a lunch instead of eating out, or call for that appointment you’ve been delaying. Know what you need to do and do it, and when you find yourself feeling great for getting so much done, know that it’s because you took the right steps in the morning.

Once you’ve got the hang of the new “morning-you”, go ahead and combine these tips with your Pranamat ECO and you’ll see even better results. Just spend a few minutes each day with your Pranamat ECO and you will definitely improve your day, along with your health.

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