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How to wake up early and feel good about it

How to wake up early and feel good about it

Getting up in the morning can be a dreaded daily chore, but there are ways to make it easier and even routine. Sleeping well, making the morning positive and taking care of yourself all help you wake up early with less stress.

Keep to a regular sleep/wake pattern 

While it might be fun to stay up late every weekend, this makes it harder to get out of bed on Monday morning. As your body gets used to getting up at the same time every day, it gets easier and eventually becomes automatic. 

Fall asleep when you need to

Prepare your room so it is comfortable enough for you to go to sleep easily. Make it as dark as possible and get ear plugs if noise is an issue. Avoid caffeine or heavy meals late in the day. Turn off devices like TVs, phones, laptops and tablets in the evening because blue light interferes with your sleep pattern.

Wake up gently

A harsh, beeping alarm jars us out of sleep and contributes to the stress of waking up. Try setting it to turn on music instead of just making noise. Some people enjoy waking up to natural light, so adjust your curtains so the sun comes in. If you can’t do that, try a natural light alarm clock, which simulates the light conditions of sunrise. 


Exercising first thing in the morning can get you outside to wake up in the fresh air, but even if you do it later in the day it still benefits your sleep cycle. In 2013 the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published a study that revealed regular exercisers sleep better and have more energy during the day. This makes it easier to get up early. 

Make the morning positive

Waking up just for work or household chores is no fun. Plan a small pleasurable ritual for your morning. Eat a favorite breakfast item, watch an enjoyable TV show or enjoy a special flavor of coffee or tea. Use a massage mat like Pranamat ECO to unwind your muscles and give yourself more energy for the day. Using a therapeutic massage mat at the beginning and end of the day helps you relax, sleep better and wake up refreshed.

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