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The newest must-have item in the health world

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Pranamat ECO has wowed audiences at CamExpo Show in London this year.

London, England September 27th, 2015 – Since its market release, the Pranamat ECO has been making waves in the health and wellness industry, and has left quite an impression at the recently finished CamExpo Show in London. As one of the premiere trade shows for health professionals in the UK, CampExpo has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, serving as an excellent platform for Pranamat to share its groundbreaking product with the world.

The mat boasts all-natural materials, which differentiates it from most of its competitors. As its seal of quality, the company cites the eastern tradition of massage as their basis for success. Using an array of hard spikes arranged in a signature lotus pattern, it is able to target the body’s cardiovascular system to offer relief from common problems like back pain and muscle tensions. Designed for easy use and minimal time commitment, it has successfully filled the needs of countless customers the world over.

Many professionals have attended the CamExpo Show, including a company spokesperson for Different magazine, who had this to say; “There are many different massage mats on the market nowadays, but only a few that are eco-friendly and/or clinically proven. Pranamat ECO is the highest quality massage mat that provides muscle tissues relief, improves your sleep and wellbeing. Working in the industry, I have seen countless items that are competing for the same business as Pranamat, but I can honestly say that this product meets and exceeds expectations. There are very big things in store for this company and we are excited to be able to see it for ourselves.”

Pranamat explains that their mat works by stimulating blood flow throughout the body by focusing on areas like the back or neck for as little as 15 minutes a day. Through regular use, it promises deeper sleep, reduction in muscle tensions, help with lower back pain, sciatica treatment, relief from cellulite and headaches and a whole range of other energy-boosting effects. 

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