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Promote natural healing after a sports injury

Natural healing after a sports injury

Have you sustained a recent injury due to your sporting activities? Whether an avid jogger or a participant in contact sports, sports injuries can happen to anyone. Before you consider costly surgery which may sideline you for months at a time, here are a few natural ways to improve your sports injury healing time. 

Pop the right supplement for natural healing

Several minerals and vitamins significantly improve your body's ability to heal itself. Look for a combination of 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, 2,000 mg of Vitamin D, at least 600 mg of Omega-3 and check for anti-inflammatory flavonoids. These help to reduce pain and stiffness, which is a major problem when resting your injury. The vitamins also help to improve tissue generation, while Vitamin D assists with lowering nerve pain. If you're looking for a tastier option over a supplement, making yourself a green smoothie can do the job as well. 

Ice it, to an extent

Remember when your mother told you to ice it after an injury when you were younger? Well, there is some truth to it. Icing it can reduce blood flow, which numbs the pain; however, you also need blood flow to repair damaged tissue. So, ice it for no more than an hour to reduce the immediate pain, then after an hour, consider placing heat on the injury. A heating pad will help the muscle to relax and will boost the healing process. 

Reach for the seasonings

Did you know turmeric has been used for centuries as a healing agent? It is packed with anti-inflammatories and is a natural antibiotic. Mixed with lime, which helps draw out water from inflammations, and you have yourself a rather nice little organic medical cocktail. Adding this to all of your food will reduce pain and improve healing times (consider tossing in some ginger to boost the antioxidants your body is taking in as well).

You can promote natural healing in several ways. By watching what you put into your body and how you immediately take care of the injury, natural remedies offer exceptional recovery opportunities for everyone, from athletes to people suffering from fluke injuries. Using a Pranamat ECO in conjunction with the above suggestions will help your body to recover even faster.

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