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Proven methods for reducing stress at work

Proven methods for reducing stress at work

We all aspire to find a career that brings us joy, but stress can be an ever-present issue even in the most ideal workplace. This isn't just a personal issue as stress in the workplace costs companies a yearly average of $300 billion. Fortunately for you and your boss, science has provided us with these proven stress-reducing methods.

Improve your posture

One of the most overlooked benefits of having good posture is that it influences your mentality and behavior. Studies have shown that when humans sit in hunched and contracted positions, they feel less capable and more distressed. In addition to improving your sitting posture, rearrange your office to provide more space and less clutter. This will give you more physical and mental breathing space. 

Organize yourself

UCLA researchers discovered that the simple act of looking at clutter triggers the release of stress hormones in the body. If you have a messy, unorganized office, perhaps it's time to give it a good cleaning. Organizing your office area also allows you to perform more efficiently, which is another element of reducing stress at work. 

Let go of goals that are too lofty

While it's good to have dreams and be ambitious about achieving them, it's easy to get stuck in the trap of setting goals that are too unrealistic. This ultimately leads to disappointment and feelings of failure. Avoid this situation entirely by setting goals that are in line with your available means. 

Avoid constant interruptions

German researchers reported that having too many interruptions during the work day negatively impacts your ability to focus, increases the likelihood of irritation and decreases the quality of your performance. Do your best to set specific times to answer emails and return calls instead of dropping what you're doing every time your computer alerts you of a new message. 

Embrace it

Instead of actively resisting your stress, you can use it to boost your motivation when faced with a difficult task. Yale University scientists found that people who learn to use their stress in beneficial ways develop a more positive outlook in life, and it provides them with a feeling of empowerment. 

In addition to these methods, you can bring your Pranamat ECO massage mat to work for an extra way to release tension. This therapeutic massage mat works to relieve minor aches and pains in the body. It's perfect for draping on your office chair whenever you feel too tense.

If you have any friends or co-workers who also suffer from chronic stress at work, share this article with them to help create happier work environments all over the country.

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