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Smoothie recipes for weight loss

Smoothie recipes for weight loss

The smoothie sensation has been rapidly spreading as a healthy approach to weight loss and dietary health. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are typically low in calories, rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Shakes are a great way to control and customize your nutrient intake. A well-balanced smoothie can provide your body with protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You can also add specific oils and spices to boost the weight loss properties of a smoothie. Here are a few great recipes to start out with. 

Vanilla blueberry

For this creamy and tart smoothie, blend together one cup of skim or soy milk, six ounces of vanilla yogurt, one to two cups of fresh or frozen blueberries and one tablespoon of flaxseed oil. For a fresh twist, you can add some mint leaves to this shake recipe.
Vanilla blueberry Smoothie

Chocolate cherry

This recipe is where decadence meets nutrition. For the chocolate, you can use chocolate soy milk or chocolate chips. Blend half a cup of skim or soy milk with six ounces of vanilla yogurt, a quarter cup of chocolate chips (if you're not using chocolate milk) and one to two cups of fresh or frozen cherries. You can also substitute raspberries or strawberries for the cherries. 
Chocolate cherry Smoothie

Summer peach

A simple and sweet smoothie for the warm summer months, this recipe is great for breakfast. Blend one cup of skim milk with one cup of unsweetened frozen peaches and two tablespoons of cold-pressed flaxseed oil. 
Summer Peach Smoothie

Mono-unsaturated fats and weight loss

Adding flaxseed oil or chocolate to your smoothie recipes is a great way to get healthy fats. Mono-unsaturated fats help protect you from heart disease, improve blood vessel function and help control insulin levels. Recent research has also shown that this type of fat can help trigger the loss of belly fat. However, it is important to use the recommended amounts as mono-unsaturated fats are high in calories. 

Give your weight loss program a boost

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