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A Chat with Joanne, Blogger, Mother of 3 & Pranamat Owner

A Chat with Joanne, Lifestyle Blogger & Pranamat Owner

Nat: Hi! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself before we get started?

Joanne: Hello! My name is Joanne, I am 40 years old, married and a mother to our 3 boys. I am extremely interested in health and wellbeing and actively pursue such a lifestyle in my everyday life through diet, exercise and mindful living and meditation practice.

N: How did you first hear about Pranamat ECO and why did you decide to order one?

J: After a car accident over 20 years ago, I have always suffered from shoulder and neck pain. I was a regular visitor to a lady who provided a wonderful deep tissue massage which helped to relieve the pain but the accumulated cost of this was not cheap! I set out to investigate things I could use at home and among other items, I stumbled upon some information online regarding ‘A bed of nails’ hmmm what is that I thought... sounds intriguing! So I read more and understood it to be an ancient form of acupressure using 100’s of tiny sharp points which help with circulation, relaxation and thus reducing pain.

Pranamat was the first company to pop up on my search engine who had created such a ‘bed of nails’ but in a beautiful and attractive design of a lotus flower.

It took me nearly a year to actually take the plunge and buy my Pranamat. I didn’t know anyone who had used one and it wasn’t a phenomenon I had come across before! But the more I read about its results and its ancient roots, the more I was convinced I needed to try one! I received some money for my birthday in 2015 and knew exactly what to buy with it!

"It took me nearly a year to actually take the plunge and buy my Pranamat. I didn’t know anyone who had used one and it wasn’t a phenomenon I had come across before!"

N: What colour is your Pranamat?

J: The most beautiful deep lavender! It’s so pretty which I feel helps to overcome the thought initially, that you are about to lay yourself upon a bed of sharp points! Good psychology!

Photo by Joanne Wood

J: Yes! I will not lie about this – it took a fair few tries before I got used to using the mat. I remember reading in the notes which came with the mat, saying that people often fall to sleep on their mat because they find it so calming and relaxing – I laughed out loud!!! I thought there was no way I was ever going to be able to do that!! But now I can honestly say I have fallen to sleep on it many times!!

The first time you lay on it, I would suggest to wear a thin t-shirt. It will just ‘take off the edge’ because of course, laying down with your whole body weight upon a mat, on sharpish points is not something your body is used to doing. Once you become used to the sensation, I would completely urge you to lay on the mat without the layer of clothing. Gently disperse your body weight, lift yourself up and reposition a few times until you feel comfortable, then fully relax....

The relaxing part may not come easy at first and you will have all sorts of thoughts running through your head thinking – ooo is this right?! It feels a little painful, maybe I’m not doing it right, I can’t relax and my body is tense because I do not want to let myself fully lay on this thing!! This is normal!! Expect to feel this for the first several times you lay on the mat.

Each time, it will get easier, but more importantly – more comfortable. Once you find the comfort, it is then you will fully receive the benefits and start to LOVE using your Pranamat!

It is normal at this point to feel a warm sensation all over the area where the mat is on your body. This is the increased blood flow and it feels comforting and relaxing.

N: How do you like to use your Pranamat?

J: I like to use my Pranamat with only underwear so the majority of my skin is in contact with the mat. I make sure the room is warm and I have a thick blanket or duvet to lay under. I find it most beneficial to use after I’ve had a bath and used a facemask because I am totally relaxed – it is during these times I am most likely to fall asleep on my mat!! Music helps hugely too or you could do a meditation on it – use a guided meditation CD or listen to relaxing music or nature sounds – you will feel absolutely incredible after this ritual and I always find I sleep so deeply and soundly too after such a sequence.

I am sat on my Pranamat right now! I use it on my desk chair. It makes me sit up straighter, so ensuring a better posture, because I am aware of it with the spikes – I can always feel it there. Due to more body weight being on the mat when you sit on it, you can feel the spikes more than you can when laying on it so I wouldn’t sit on it all day but an hour or two per day makes me feel like I benefit from it enough. I do a lot of running and weight bearing exercise so it is great that I can be relieving my legs while just sat down working! It is said to help reduce cellulite and I can understand why but I think cellulite reduction would be due to combination of the mat, diet, exercise and water consumption.

I also like to rest my bare feet on the mat. I find it too much to stand on it with my full body weight, but resting my feet whilst sitting down is so good! It feels so relaxing and if you understand anything about reflexology, it will be clear why it’s so relaxing! Accessing all those acupressure points which in turn route straight around the body – you feel relaxed and energised instantly from head, literally to your toes!!

N: What benefits do you feel it gives you?

J: Incredible relaxation, increased energy flow – I feel like everything is ‘unblocked’, fluid and free to move around my body. I feel incredibly revitalised, calm and relaxed!

My shoulder and neck pain has gone! After years of niggling pain, I no longer suffer. When laying on the Pranamat, I push in to the area I used to have pain to ensure this area of muscle and tissue receive a deep acupressure, releasing any tension and increasing blood flow to the area. I also ensure I stretch the area daily, as with the rest of my body.

"My Pranamat is something completely unique in all the things that I own. There is nothing else like it."

N: Would you recommend Pranamat to others? Why?

J: Absolutely, 100% yes! I understand it’s an investment but you will only need to buy one mat in your whole lifetime – so when you think about it like that and divide it by how many times you use it – it’s very cheap!! The Pranamat is extremely well made and made of very robust, good quality materials. Mine looks as good as the day I bought it and I use it frequently.

My Pranamat is something completely unique in all the things that I own. There is nothing else like it. Out of everything I’ve ever tried, nothing is like the Pranamat in terms of wellbeing products.

My son who is 7, absolutely loves reading his bedtime book whilst laying on my mat. I have said I will buy him one in the future. I think the fact a 7 year old can find benefit and comfort from using the mat speaks volume too.

N: Is there anything that could be improved about the Pranamat?

J: I honestly cannot think about anything apart from I wish there had been more personal reviews on the mat when I bought it because I think I would have bought it sooner if I was able to understand it better. People rely on reviews for products because it gives them an unbiased, user review. But saying that, I don’t think you can really understand its benefits until you actually use one yourself. It takes some perseverance and understanding of its benefits and personal use before you can really, truly grasp the wealth of what this mat will bring to your life – calmness, serenity, increased blood flow and decreased pain – all of which are priceless!

I cannot recommend it highly enough!! It’s common sense how the mat works but personal experience to really feel its benefits!

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Joanne Wood is a food & lifestyle blogger from Cheshire, England. You can check out and follow her excellent Instagram account here.


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