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Do you really need that much sleep?

do you really need that much sleep

Sleep is important; this is common knowledge. But just how important is it? How much sleep do you need? Can it really throw off your system if you miss a few hours of zzzs? Science says a resounding 'yes.' Missing even as little as 30 minutes of your precious beauty rest can wreak havoc on your system. 

'What kind of trouble can this cause to my system?' You may ask. To start, missing out on sleep increases your likelihood of obesity, because it drives hunger and consumption. It also increases stress levels, which in turn leads to higher levels of appetite-inducing hormones, bringing us back to the obesity issue.

You know how you toss and turn at night? That robs you of your precious sleep. Therefore, if you stay in bed for eight hours, but only log six hours of actual sleep, you still face sleep deprivation. A lot of it.

This is not meant to scare you but is meant as a warning, because you can actually do something to improve how you sleep. Follow our tips for better sleep to start feeling better now. Your brain will thank us:

- To start, your cell phone, TV, and computer screen that you spend so much time with should go off come bedtime. Light keeps the body up, while darkness and quiet help to shut it down.

- Next, be conscious of what you consume around sleep time, as caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks are a no-no. So is anything too heavy. Snacks before bed should be light and easy to digest. Also, watch for harmful additives that can interfere with your sleep cycle.

- Another helpful way to sleep is to 'reset your system', so you are better suited for sleep at certain times. A great way to do this is through brain meditation or through doing yoga on a schedule. This will get you relaxed and feeling well. It will align your system so that you can sleep when you need to. 

Sleep deprivation can do great damage to the body, but you have the power to stop it.

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