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Find a better way to boost your energy level

boost your energy level

Before reaching for that extra cup of java or can of energy drink, find a better, more natural way to boost your energy level and fight fatigue-causing culprits before they strike. Many people find themselves tired at different points throughout the day, but a quick pick-me-up isn’t the best solution for long term fatigue relief. Learn what’s causing your energy crash and get the energy boost you need.

One of the most obvious culprits for fatigue during the day is lack of a good night’s sleep. While getting more sleep is easy to say, it’s often hard to do. Unfortunately, many factors are responsible for poor sleep including poor diet choices, and stress or anxiety that keeps you awake.

Dietary changes can be an easy fix

Boost your energy during the day with foods that are higher in protein and lower in carbs. Protein gives your body long-lasting energy and helps balance your blood sugar levels. Carbs give you an immediate energy boost, but are generally followed by a “crash” that increases fatigue in the long run. Adding lean meats to meals, drinking protein shakes and eating nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachios for snacks can add a healthy dose of protein to your diet.

This helps with energy levels during the day. Then, to help ensure a better night’s sleep, avoid caffeine in the evening. Replace it with a relaxing cup of chamomile tea instead.

De-stress for more energy

It’s natural for people to worry or feel stressed. The higher your anxiety, however, the less you’ll sleep and the more fatigued you’ll feel throughout the day. It’s almost impossible to avoid stress, so instead, learn to relax your body to sleep better and help boost energy levels. 

One option for stress relief is using a therapeutic massage mat like the Pranamat ECO. Using this mat can revitalize you, while also helping you relax. You get the added bonus of pain relief, which also improves sleep, reduces stress and boosts energy. Whether you need an extra energy boost at home, work or even on a long airline flight, using a Pranamat ECO massage mat can help you.

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