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5 simple ways to exercise at home


Perhaps a gym membership is not in your budget, you lead a busy life, or you feel uncomfortable about your body. Maybe you have all of these concerns. Exercising at home is a simple way to get started taking care of your body and feeling better about yourself. You don’t need fancy equipment or a personal trainer, you just have to begin. 


This is perhaps the simplest and most pleasurable way to start fitness at home. Getting out in the air and sunshine will boost your spirits as well as keep you fit. If the weather is bad, walk around your home or go to a shopping mall, museum, or other indoor public place with a lot of space. 


What a fun way to get moving! Dancing is a great cardio activity and it conditions the whole body. If you are pressed for time, dance to the radio for a few minutes. YouTube has a wide range of dance workout videos that you can exercise along to for free. 

Jumping jacks

This old gym class standby is actually a very efficient way to exercise at home. It is another fantastic cardio exercise that works the whole body. Jumping exercises strengthen your bones and help you build endurance and strength. 


Target your core and lower body with lunges. This simple exercise also helps improve your balance. Lunges strengthen and stretch your hip flexors too, which is important if you do a lot of sitting. 

Use household objects for weight lifting

Begin by using anything you have around the house, but start light if you are new to it. Cans of vegetables and other groceries make great weights. A milk jug or detergent bottle makes an excellent adjustable weight. Fill the container with an amount of water you can handle and add more as you progress. 

Exercise is self-care and that includes proper recovery. Take time to cool down and stretch. For the recovery process, treat yourself to a therapeutic massage mat such as the Pranamat ECO. Relaxing on a massage mat helps your body recover from any minor aches and pains.

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