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How to treat your cellulite with massage

treat cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that all women can suffer from, no matter how thin they are, and no matter how good their diet is. Women get cellulite because of poor circulation. Your tissue retains too much fluid, resulting in those unattractive lumps. Men do not often get cellulite because they do not retain water the way that women do.

What's the best way to treat cellulite?

There are a lot of expensive cellulite treatments out there which involve lasers and radio-frequency devices. These might get you results, but they can be very expensive. And there is actually a relatively cheap and easy way to deal with your cellulite: massage.

Even cellulite creams and lotions that are sold by cosmetic companies recommend massaging the cream or lotion deep into your skin in order for it to be effective. Massage can get rid of cellulite by releasing the excess fluid that is trapped in the tissue. You need to focus on deep tissue massage, because the problem is in the subcutaneous fat layer. 

How often do you need to massage?

Even though massage is the most direct treatment for cellulite, it will still probably only last a couple of days. Within a relatively short time, you will see the cellulite come back if you don't keep up the massage regularly.

Now, don't panic. This does not mean that you have to pay upwards of $100 for a deep tissue massage three times a week. An affordable solution is to get a Pranamat ECO massage mat. Pranamat ECO can give you a deep tissue massage with its lotus flower-shaped pressure points. It's easy to use every day, to get rid of your cellulite and prevent it from coming back. All you have to do is sit or lie on the mat in order to have your tissues massaged. You can even use it while you are sitting at your desk working.

Getting rid of cellulite can require constant maintenance, but given the right technique and tools, you can easily get those smooth thighs that every woman dreams of.

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