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Lower back exercises to ease the pain

lower back exercises

The pain you feel may have you wanting to rest, but lower back exercises are better for you. Exercises for lower back pain will not only strengthen the muscles in your legs, back and stomach, but will also support your spine and relieve pain.

Knee rolls

Knee rolls help to stretch and mobilize your spine. Adjust your massage mat to the specific area of your body where you feel the most pain as you lie on your back. 

Relax your upper body and gently tuck in your chin. Keeping your knees together and bent, roll your legs and pelvis to one side. Make sure your shoulders remain on the floor. Hold this stretch while you take one deep breath before returning to starting position. Then, repeat the exercise on the other side.

Deep abdominal strength

Place a pillow, cushion or rolled-up towel underneath your therapeutic massage mat to better target your lower back for this exercise. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet hip width apart and straight. Gently tuck in your chin and relax your upper body.

Draw up your lower abdominal and pelvic muscles when you breathe out, as if you are pulling an imaginary zipper up your stomach. Hold this as you breathe five to ten breaths through your abdomen, then relax. 

The dos and don’ts of lower back pain exercises


•    Warm up prior to every exercise session and always cool down with gentle stretches afterward
•    Use a therapeutic massage mat for your floor exercises
•    Increase the duration and intensity of your lower back pain exercises gradually
•    Wear properly fitting workout attire when practicing exercises for lower back pain
•    Remember to keep your breathing natural throughout your exercise session


•    Toe touches – these exercises add stress to the ligaments and disks in the spine and overstretch the hamstrings and muscles of the lower back
•    Sit-ups – uses muscles in the hips and increases pressure on spinal disks
•    Leg lifts – very demanding on the core and can actually increase lower back pain
•    Overexertion – does not help and may increase pain in the lower back

Exercises for lower back pain with your massage mat should be done for fifteen to twenty minutes twice daily for the best results. Or you can start with five to seven minutes every two or three hours.

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