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Massage mat makes waves at Om Yoga Show


October 23rd, 2015, London - At this year’s Om Yoga Show, the Pranamat ECO took center stage as one of the premier yoga accessories offered to event goers. Tapping into the great existing demand for a therapeutic yoga aid, this specially-designed mat made a big impact on buyers. The Pranamat ECO is a leading therapeutic massage mat that uses principles of acupressure to stimulate the body’s natural pressure points and promote a range of health benefits.

The Om Yoga Show is the largest gathering of yoga experts and enthusiasts in Europe, offering a platform to share the newest trends, news, and products for more than 10 years. Visitors have the opportunity to take yoga classes free of charge, taught by leading experts in the field, and partake in the newest and most effective yoga products and accessories available on the market. It has a track record of introducing some of the most successful yoga products to a wide audience.

As you all know, we recommend to use Pranamat ECO on a bare skin to enjoy all benefits. But massage mat's effectiveness feels even throught T-shirt.

A spokesperson for the Pranamat ECO had this to share: "Those of us who have worked to bring the Pranamat ECO to the world are overjoyed at seeing it take this prominent place at Europe’s premier gathering of yoga experts. We know that everyone who uses the mat will feel the impact of its benefits. Whether it’s used in conjunction with a yoga routine or not, this therapeutic massage mat will serve to stimulate the body and mind, leading to dramatic changes in overall health and wellness. The Pranamat ECO goes above and beyond the standard yoga mat, and we think buyers will appreciate the difference."

The Pranamat ECO is ideal for yoga practitioners in that it is designed to rejuvenate the body and relax the mind. By helping its users stay centered and focused, it serves as a natural meditation aid, while also enhancing the positive health benefits of yogic activity. 

It is the only product of its kind to be made of all-natural linen, cotton, and coconut fiber and does not use artificial dyes. These materials make this mat 100% environmentally friendly, and allow for greater breathability; it is also totally odor-free, and will not irritate skin.

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