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The Key Essentials to Help You Restart and Restore Your Body

restart and restore

Life gets crazy after the holidays. Think back to the New Year; many of our resolutions are on hold in the chaos of everyday responsibilities. Now, as springtime approaches, we find that it is the perfect time to restore our goals and start fresh. This spring is your chance to stop the chaos, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what you are doing to care for you.

How often do you listen to your body?

Take a moment, check in with your body right now, and acknowledge how it is feeling. Where do you feel tension? Are you getting enough rest? Have you wanted to exercise and improve your health? Remember, your body needs care and attention just as much as the errands and chores do. Understandably though, some responsibilities in life are inevitable. So, during these situations, how can you alleviate stress while caring for your body at the same time?
Activating your body with exercise

Activating Your Body with Exercise

If your spring goals involve increasing your exercise routine or even jumpstarting your workout, make a conscious choice to restore and reconnect with your body. This is a great idea for people who want to eliminate stress and begin to heal their body. Jump into your favorite exercise routine, stay hydrated, and explore a new activity.
Taking care of your body and noticing your comfort level are essential to one’s wellbeing. Yoga is a worldwide activity that has both mental and physical attributes. The mind, body, and soul rejuvenate over a controlled breathing pattern in most yoga practices. To prepare for a yoga class, bring water and a mat, to start. Remember that yoga is about going at your own pace. If you get tired, you can use a therapeutic massage mat made for yoga that helps you restart your body. These mats are super eco-friendly and athletes from all types of sports use them: from runners to yogis and even weightlifters. Feeling good does not need to be just an option; make it a priority. 
Adopt the mindset of an athlete

Adopt the Mindset of an Athlete

Athletes understand the importance of nurturing their bodies in order to succeed. Whether it is before exercising, after a marathon, while sleeping, or when relaxing, athletes know their muscles need lots of care. After all, the body is the instrument that takes you to your ultimate destination.
Maintenance for your body becomes increasingly difficult in such a fast-paced society. However, if you give it a minute of thought on a daily basis, you are giving yourself a chance to accomplish your goals. Sink into the mindset of an athlete during training season to stick to your new program and prevent injury. Focus on your goal to perform optimally, but be mindful of stress points and parts of your body that feel overworked. Remind yourself you are training toward something that is very important to you—your health!
Mindset of an Athlete

The season of spring is about balance; it is important to take the time to apply that concept to your daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. There are activities that promote balance and exercise. For example, mindful meditation is growing in popularity all over the world. Mindfully meditating helps promote health and wellness, according to The New York Times. Mediation can be a natural solution to keep you invigorated for your next workout session. Listen and care for your body when it needs rest.
Relax and Rejuvenate Your Body

Relax and Rejuvenate Your Body

What began as a traditional Chinese technique known as acupuncture has increasingly grown in application across the United States. However, some people are hesitant when it comes to the acupuncture process. Often, you hear that people do not like the experience of the tiny needles used to stimulate the senses. This is one of the reasons why massage mats have been increasing in popularity. Products like these massage mats promote relaxation and bring relief, ultimately working to rejuvenate your body. Integrating your workflow with a relaxation tool promotes healthy habits and choices that support a revitalized lifestyle. Try recharging at your desk with an massage mat that caters to your muscles’ minor aches and pains while energizing your whole body at the same time.
Rebuild During the Night

Rebuild During the Night

Part of the decision to live a healthier life is to check in with your body regularly and monitor your tension levels. Be observant of what areas are holding old tension and stress. Your body is just like your car: it needs good fuel and constant care to keep it in the best condition. Consequently, one of the most essential activities for your body often goes neglected.
A good nights sleep

A good night’s sleep can change everything.
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH) explains that sleep is crucial for your body in four essential ways:
  • Keeps your brain healthy and functioning optimally
  • Promotes healing and repair of blood vessels and heart
  • Keeps you alert during your productive hours
  • Supports growth and development in children and teens
When you crawl into bed at night and your mind cannot seem to stop running, it can feel almost impossible to fall asleep. Ultimately, sleep deprivation kicks in and drags into your day, making you sluggish and sleepy. If you want to fall asleep faster and design a rejuvenating sleep pattern, construct a list and invest in things that make your life easier. Pranamat ECO is composed of raw and eco-friendly materials, creating a cushion similar to a massage pillow with a rejuvenating twist. If your goal is a calm body and healthier mind, explore Pranamat to improve your sleep. Once you relax, it is easier for the mind to shut down and get the sleep your body craves.

Unwind from Everyday Life Stressors with Movement 

Sitting behind a desk gets tedious. Long periods pass and you are still in the same position in front of the computer, straining muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back to sit upright. Instead of holding that tension inside of your muscles, consider alleviating it with set times for stretching. People often overestimate how many times they walk away from their work throughout the day. Think of these times as mini-recharging moments—stretch your back, take a lap around the office, and grab a glass of water on the way back to your desk. You may surprise yourself how much more energized you feel throughout the day. At the very least, commit to rising from your chair every half hour. 

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle with the Right Tools

Regardless of your next fitness routine, we encourage you to start pursuing your goals—right now! There is no better time than the present. Your body deserves every opportunity for you to give it what it needs. Here are some suggestions on how to start developing your ideal healthy lifestyle.

Recuperate and relax your body and muscles

This is simple to do in a bath or with a massage. After a long day at the office or even a stressful event, you are completely capable of restoring your own balance. For relief, some use an acupressure pad to help ease the body. If you are looking to relieve the tensions of everyday stress, shop for an massage mat that promotes healthy living. Alternatively, engage in a structured workout plan if you are looking to maintain a regular fitness routine. Find what works for you and start with that single step.
Recuperate and relax your body and muscles

Following Through with Your Goals

Now that you have designed your routine, try making a list of one thing you would like to accomplish on a weekly basis. Be sure to stay consistent and motivated. Now is the time to care for your body the way it deserves. Breaking each event down into a weekly accomplishment is a great way to track your progress. You are the biggest advocate when it comes to your health and wellbeing, and no one deserves it more than you do.
Following Through with Your Goals


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