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Tools and tips for a better night's sleep

Pranamat ECO for better sleep

What many people don’t understand is that making the most out of your sleep has to do with more than a comfy mattress. In fact, the way you spend your waking hours has a huge impact on the way you spend your time dreaming. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the needs of your body. A quality therapeutic massage mat like the Pranamat Eco is one tool that can serve as the cornerstone for a quality life and even better sleep. Take a look at the following tips for sleep and see how they can make an impact on your life.

Physical activity

Exercise gets your blood pumping, and pushes your body to the extreme. By burning off excess calories it allows you to keep the weight off while also using your body’s natural endorphins to keep you feeling that natural high. Research shows that a quality massage mat promotes cardiovascular health and stimulates key muscle groups, paving the way for better physical health overall. And just like going for a jog, or spending some quality time in the gym, it puts your body into recharge mode, promoting a better night’s sleep.

Supporting natural rhythms

This one is just common sense — sleep during the night and wake during the day. But promoting your natural circadian rhythms for better sleep is also about planning your day carefully, and choosing the right time for sleeping, eating, exercise, and work. A massage mat like the Pranamat Eco can serve as an excellent buffer between waking and sleeping, or as a way to take a break from the usual rigors of the day. It calms your body down, while also keeping it active.

Clear your mind

The most difficult challenge for some sleepers comes when it's finally time to hit the hay, and their mind is still racing with thoughts of everything that’s happened in the day and everything that is to come. Meditation and self-hypnosis techniques are recommended by doctors and therapists to promote sleep for those who have difficulty calming down. A massage mat can be a tool to get your body in sync with your mind, by using it at the end of the day, letting you relax.

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