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Top 5 life-changing benefits of yoga

benefits of yoga

Anyone who has incorporated a regular yoga routine into their life can attest to the positive benefits the ancient practice can offer. But while we know that yoga makes us feel great, what are a few of the specific benefits we can expect, and how do these affect our overall health and wellness over time? The reasons are endless, but here are a few of our favorites.

1. Improves flexibility

Stretching your muscle groups to their limit on a regular basis means greater flexibility during your day to day activity. As you become more limber over time, you will have an even greater degree of control over your body. 

2. Perfect posture

Cramming our bodies into office chairs and car seats can take a major toll on the inner structures of our body. Over the long-term, good posture habits can erode and cause serious health conditions like chronic back pain. Yoga allows us to take a bit of time out of our day to focus on alignment, and a more healthy relationship with our bodies. A quality yoga mat is a great way to reap the benefits while protecting your feet, knees, and back from the hard floor.

3. Improves focus

Next level yoga goes beyond the physical body and offers a range of mental and spiritual benefits as well. By harmonizing with your body, yoga allows you to achieve a deeper level of focus that will carry through to your professional and personal life. Often, all it takes is a few minutes every day and your inner peace and wellness will be greatly improved.

4. Boost immune strength

Especially when used with a quality massage mat, yoga can stimulate blood flow, activate the body, and boost auto-immune response. By reducing stress, practitioners of yoga benefit from a calm and peaceful demeanor.

5. Builds strength

One of the unique benefits of yoga is that it not only builds limb strength through repeated stretching, but it works on core strength as well. By activating abdominal muscles, and putting your body through its full range of motion, next level yoga practices work on multiple different muscle groups simultaneously.

For those who are not new to yoga, practicing on massage mat Pranamat ECO will bring you to the next level. It is the highest quality, naturally-made massage mat on the market, and is a necessary companion to any serious yoga practice.

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