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​How do massage mats help with muscle spasms?

muscle spasms in back

Almost everyone has experienced a cramp at one time or another. Maybe you woke up in the middle of the night with your calf or foot muscle feeling tight, hard, and quite painful. These cramps are due to muscle spasms which occur when one or more of the muscles in your body involuntarily contracts. Most often this occurs in the skeletal muscles. Some examples include back muscle spasms as well as cramps in the arms and legs. You can also have muscle spasms in the neck. 

So, what causes muscle spasms?

Well, there are a few possibilities. The leading causes of muscle spasms, at least skeletal ones, are dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Poor blood circulation and overexertion are also big factors in spasm occurrences. Some lower back spasms can also be attributed to the passing of kidney stones, which causes the soft internal muscles of the ureter to contract sporadically, resulting in a fair amount of pain. 

In terms of skeletal muscle spasms, massage is often an excellent solution. There are a variety of massage modalities that can be used. Often, hot stone massage is helpful as the heat from the stones works to loosen the tightened muscles. Trigger point massage can also be helpful for targeting specific problem areas. For those suffering from cramps due to exercise or overexertion, sports massage sessions can be quite helpful for decreasing muscle soreness both before exercising and after. Regardless of which type of massage you choose, they all promote better circulation, improved flexibility, and reduced muscle stiffness. All of these help to reduce pain.

Now, if massage does all that on its own, how does a massage mat help even more? The answer is enhancement. Yes, traditional massage, even without a mat, can achieve desired results, but using therapeutic massage mat can make those results even better. The Pranamat ECO uses an arrangement of firms spikes set in a lotus-shaped pattern. These spikes stimulate the cardiovascular system and provide improved relief for a number of muscle issues. By using this type of massage mat, your circulation will be even more improved, which will lead to faster reduction and relief of muscle pain and fewer spasms as well.

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