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Why your brain needs more downtime


Our lives are becoming busier every day. As a consistently plugged in society, we often forget that our brain needs time to recuperate and recharge to function. You may notice the strain of a stressful life in physical and mental blocks, such as headaches, frustration, irritability and exhaustion.

Here's why you need some downtime, and how to recharge your brain.

1. Downtime allows for recuperation after a lack of sleep

Feeling sluggish? Can't sleep at night due to stress? Carving out downtime in the afternoon to recharge can help you to catch up on sleep or relax, decreasing stress levels for a better night's sleep. A nap of two or more hours can help with sleep deprivation. No time to nap? Set aside 15 minutes and use the Pranamat ECO to get your best rest as you take a break.

2. It allows your brain to recharge to become productive again

When you carve out time to rest your body and your brain, you're able to run through the thoughts that have been bouncing around in your head all day. Once your head has been cleared, you are able to think with more clarity, focus on a project, and your creativity will begin to appear again.

3. It will improve your relationships and stress levels

When you're exhausted, you become stressed out, not only in your mind, but your body; cortisol levels increasing can make you tense, and your relationships tougher. Being around someone who is stressed out can create stress for others as well. By taking the time to allow your body the downtime it needs, you can rest, recharge and emerge the best version of yourself.

Considering how busy modern life is, carving out even 20 minutes of your day may seem impossible; however, to continue the longevity of your mental and physical health, it's imperative to give your brain downtime. You can do this by taking a nap, relaxing on your massage mat, walking in nature or practicing brain meditation. Whichever activity you chose, know that you are being productive by keeping your brain at its optimal state, allowing you to be the most, productive happy version of yourself.

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