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Pranamat payment - frequently asked questions


We provide a wide variety of payment methods for your convenience, including Visa and MasterCard payments powered by Skrill and, as well as PayPal.

Our online checkout process is simple and secure, leaving you fully protected. We receive information only about your specific transaction, and once your order is complete you will get an automatic email notification after no more than a few minutes. After the process is finished and you have received your confirmation, you will be redirected back to our website, to browse at your leisure.


We deliver worldwide, and you can follow our regional shipping guide below to learn more about prices and times. If your country is not listed, the exact shipping cost will be totaled and displayed during the checkout process. You can expect us to ship orders within one business day, or up to three business days during high volume seasons, like around the holidays.

Shipping guide

South / Central America 2- 5 working days
USA (3 working days)
Pranamat USD 13.85
Pranamat +Pillow set USD 13.85
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set USD 20.45

CANADA (4 working days)
Pranamat CAD 17.83
Pranamat +Pillow set CAD 17.83
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set CAD 17.83

Mexico (5-6 working days)
Pranamat USD 33.68
Pranamat +Pillow set USD 33.68
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set USD 61.40

Australia (4 working days)
Pranamat AUD 18.29
Pranamat +Pillow set AUD 18.29
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set AUD 27.00

European Union (2-5 working days)
United Kingdom (3 working days)
Pranamat GBP 10.27
Pranamat +Pillow set GBP 10.27
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set GBP 10.27

Germany (2 working days)
Pranamat EUR 11.66
Pranamat +Pillow set EUR 11.66
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set EUR 11.66

France (2 working days)
Pranamat EUR 11.66
Pranamat +Pillow set EUR 11.66
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set EUR 11.66

Netherlands (2 working days)
Pranamat EUR 11.66
Pranamat +Pillow set EUR 11.66
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set EUR 11.66

Poland (2 working days)
Pranamat EUR 16.65
Pranamat +Pillow set EUR 16.65
Pranamat + Pillow + Mini set EUR 16.65

Please note, that:

1) Delivery times may vary depending on where you are located (delivery can take longer in remote areas).

2) Delivery cost may vary depending on the weight of your order (given shipment rates are for one Pranamat Eco purchase).

3) If shipping outside Europe, you may be subject to customs charges. All customs fees, import duties, and any other charges by your local government are the customer’s responsibility. There is a chance that you will not be charged for extra duties, but we cannot guarantee this. The charged amount will go to your government. Since these customs fees, duties and any other charges vary by country and by what was ordered, we are not able to provide you with an estimated cost. Please contact your customs for more information. Shipping fees and taxes will not be refunded for packages that are refused because of VAT, import duties or other fees.

4) Your exact shipping cost will be made available to you during the checkout process. An e-mail notification with the tracking number of your shipment will be sent automatically, as soon as it is dispatched by the courier. You can also write to [] to get the information about your order status.

5) If you have any questions or recommendations for the delivery (for example, address specification) please leave it in the comments of the order.