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In today’s fast-paced world, people find it increasingly difficult to “shut down” and relax at bedtime. In fact, many sleep issues originate from tension and barriers in the nervous system. These abnormalities throw off the body’s usual patterns, which are required for a comfortable and restful sleep.

With the Pranamat ECO, you can begin having the best sleep of your life! Lying on the Pranamat ECO produces thousands of tiny stimuli to the nervous system, which releases neurotransmitters that rebalance and relax the body, all while regulating your heart rate and loosening up those tired muscles

Benefits of Pranamat ECO:

  • Enables you to fall asleep faster
  • Provides a more rejuvenating sleep
  • Helps with sleeping disorders

Why you’ll love Pranamat ECO therapeutic manual massage mat

Because we work to offer the best product in the market and provide our customers excellent service. Our priority is customer satisfaction − our services to customers should be easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Lovingly made in EU

Assembled in Latvia, EU. Raw materials and parts origin is European Union.

Eco materials

Completely made of European certified eco-friendly materials.


Delivery generally takes about 3-5 business days.

US FDA certified

The first massage mat approved by US FDA as a medical device.

30 days money back

Within 30 days of your purchase we guarantee money back.

5 years warranty

Super durable: standart Pranamat ECO 5 years warranty.


How Pranamat ECO relieves sleep disorders?

Pranamat ECO allows muscles to relax and it also regulates the body's temperature for a comfortable and restorative rest. The Pranamat ECO encourages the flow of endorphins, which behave like tranquilizers in your body and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) which send signals to the brain that are essential for quality sleep.

  • Since many sleep problems are caused by pressure and barriers that dwell in the nervous system, Pranamat ECO works to relax the nervous system. Once the tensions that impede the innate cycles of the body are released, you begin to experience a higher quality of sleep.
  • Because the nervous system is relaxed, the heart rate is regulated and physiological functions are stimulated. Pranamat ECO also promotes the secretion of endorphins and other neurotransmitters which help to improve sleep patterns.
  • Pranamat ECO disperses many simultaneous stimuli that relax tired muscles.
  • Clinical studies have proven that 95 percent of people who used Pranamat ECO for 30 days or more experienced improved sleep quality.

How to use Pranamat ECO for optimum sleep quality


By using the Pranamat ECO and following this program, you will enjoy a more comforting and restful sleep.

Place a pillow or cushion under the mat to elevate your head, then lay on the Pranamat ECO for 40-50 minutes before it's time for you to go to sleep. It can be easy for your mind to wander and lose track of time while laying on the Pranamat ECO massage mat, so it may be a good idea to set an alarm before beginning the session. Make sure the room temperature is comfortable, the lighting is soft, and there are no distractions. Perhaps play some calm, relaxing ambient music. Try to remain awake if you can. We suggest meditating, or play a guided meditation tape if you are new to meditation.

This will help you to pacify your mind and allow your body and brain to discharge sleep-inducing hormones, thanks to Pranamat ECO’s wonderful lotus massage heads.

If you are using your Pranamat ECO before bedtime, you may find yourself so relaxed that you drift off to sleep on your mat. Don't worry! Sleeping on the mat is totally fine, but make sure to use a sheet made from a breathable material like cotton to cover the lotus massagers. Meditative stillness or repose can just as beneficial, if not more, than sleeping on the Pranamat ECO.

Let the Pranamat ECO take you into deeper sleep.

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What customers say about Pranamat ECO

Rosalie Webster

Cervical vertebrae pains

Ever since a car crash a few years ago I’ve suffered from cervical vertebrae pains. Then my friend told me about an acupressure mat that he had bought. I was very sceptical about it, because I’ve tried a lot of different treatments and nothing has worked. But I did a little research and decided to give it a go... To this day I’m still surprised at how much the Pranamat helps me overcome my pain. It takes me just 5 minutes to get used to the pressure and after that it feels very good – I even fall asleep on it. When I want to target specific parts of my neck I just put a rolled towel under my mat in that area.

Rosalie Webster Canada, Ottawa

very effective!

We both everyday spend 20 min on Pranamat and the feeling of tiredness is gone, no back pain, muscles relaxed, better sleep during all night. Thank you very much! We also appreciate the small knit white star, very nice on Christmas tree !!!

Audrey United Kingdom, Newport

I'm in love...

I’ve suffered from muscle tension and periodic spasms, depression and fatigue due to fibromyalgia. But within a week of using my Pranamat, my muscular pain really diminished. My sleep has improved dramatically over the past few weeks and I’m definitely starting to feel so much less stressed. I was at the end of my tether and really couldn't afford the mat but went out on a limb and am delighted to say... I'm in love with my Pranamat!

Now I want the mini ;-)

Thank you Pranamat....

Lisa United Kingdom, Tunbridge Wells

Relieving sleep disorders in a natural way

Using the Pranamat ECO is a safe, natural and efficient method to treat sleep disorders. Pranamat ECO aids brain phase changes so that it’s easier to fall asleep, stay asleep and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. This is accomplished by relaxing the nervous and muscular systems and prompting the secretions of neurotransmitters in the brain.


100% H.I.P.S. plastic completely hyppoallergenic and EU-approved



100% linen kind to the skin and environmentally-friendly



100% cotton un-dyed and odour-free, the way nature intended



100% coconut fiber the most natural and healthy component

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder that is distinguished by the incapacity to fall asleep, stay asleep or a combination of both. It also diminishes an individual's ability to function normally throughout their waking hours.

Sleep disorder can occur at any age, but it is particularly common in the elderly. It can be acute (short term), or chronic (long term). Some causes of sleep disorder include:

  • Stress;
  • Illness;
  • Physical discomfort;
  • Environmental factors (noise, bright lights, temperature)

Sleep disorder can lead to memory problems, irritability and an increased risk of heart disease and automobile related accidents. One or more of the following symptoms are experienced by people with sleep disorders:

  • Trouble falling asleep;
  • Waking up during the night and finding it difficult to return to sleep;
  • Not getting enough sleep; waking up too early;
  • Feeling tired when awake

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Let the Pranamat ECO take you into deeper sleep.

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