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  1. Marissa

    Hello, I received my pranamat a couple of days ago. I just like to say thank u. I was a bit sceptical at first, but had purchased your product for a number of reasons. Anyway, last night I had quite bad period pain so I thought I would lay down on my mat for 15mins on my back & relax. Well, I can honestly say that for the first time ever, I didn't have to take any pain medication & I fell asleep without my period pain returning. I was so happy & only hope that my mat continues to deliver welcomed relief. I'm so glad I found your wonderful product, thank you.

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  2. Lauren

    These products have absolutely helped relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety. Which allows me to focus on my mental health. I have noticed relief in my neck and shoulder tension, and sinus pressure. The mat and pillow also allow me to naturally fall asleep quickly. Highly highly recommend for anxiety symptoms.

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  3. Melissa Muller

    I love trying new things when it comes to helping ease back pain and I'm so glad I took advantage of black Friday deals and ordered my new Pranamat!! It showed up on my doorstep days later and I have been using it every day since. The lotus flowers can feel a bit sharp on direct skin contact- but I'm building up to that.

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  4. Kamila H

    I've ordered my matt on Friday night and it was with my on Tuesday mid morning - from Latvia to Australia - super fast delivery. I have use my matt for only 2 days but I love it already! After work, I spend a lot of time sitting at home and studying and have been using my Pranamat to help with my back and neck problems and so far I love it! Would highly recommend it!

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  5. Julie

    This mat is ahhhhh-mazing!!! It has worked out so many knots in my back, rehabilitated my muscles and has also relived my stress level! Thank you Pranamat - you rock!

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  6. Erin Docking

    I've had my pranamat just over a week now and the impact it's already had for me is incredible. I work a desk job and have terrible posture so I've been struggling with back and shoulder pain for a while now. By using this mat of an evening and quickly in the morning, not only is it providing great relief but I feel less stressed and more relaxed during the day which is helping me remember to sit correctly at my desk. I've also had some injuries to my knees and get pain quite regularly and was suffering quite a bit lately, I put my pranamat over a pillow and then put it under my knee and while it doesn't cure my injury, the relief I've had for the last few days is just amazing. This may is so worth the buy and next for me is saving for the pillow.

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  7. Meghan

    I love how this mat can be taken with me wherever I go! This natural solution is so much better than taking pain medications or seeing an expensive acupuncturist!

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  8. Kaitlyn Rhodes

    I am notoriously bad about taking time for recovery from workouts. This will be a great tool for taking me time for intention setting and muscle recovery.

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  9. Nicole

    I use my Pranamat every morning (after I wake) and night (before bed) for 20 minutes. I highly recommend the Pranamat if you sit at a desk all day long, are looking to energise the body or simply relax all your muscles for a peaceful and relaxing sleep! It's a new staple in my everyday routine! Love love love it! xx

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  10. Polly Swann

    I really love my Pranamat ECO. It definitely takes a while to get used to, but once you have it's great!

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  11. Katherine Copeland

    I loved taking my Pranamat ECO on training camp with me - it's cool to have something that I can use in my down time, and be relaxing as well as helping my recovery. Just the right size to take on camps and competitions, and they look nice too which is always a bonus!

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  12. Alicia

    Great product! Perfect in the morning and I bring mine to the office.

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  13. Suzanne

    I purchased the mat about 5 years ago and it has given me consistent pain relief from multiple pain conditions, primarily fibromyalgia. I started by lying on it at night (when my pain is at its worst) with a thin shirt on. When the pain is more severe, I'll lie on it bare skin, It helps relax muscles, relieve aches, and combats the nerve pain of fibro. There have been a few occasions during which I'm still in pain despite using it, but it travels with me wherever I go. I love that it's made of quality material and isn't another chemical I'm putting into my body with short-term relief. Thank you!!

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  14. Imogen Walsh

    Personally I'd have liked the spikes to be a little longer so that they get in to your muscles a little more, but even as is its a really useful piece of kit, and nicely designed too.

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  15. Amin Rafiq

    Absolutely love this thing. I just got it today and tried it out for the first time. It definitely stings/burns for the first minute or so but after that it goes wonderfully numb. Once you get off your back and neck feel so much better. I laid on it with a tension headache and it was completely gone when I got off.

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  16. Olivia

    Within only one week of using this product I have already noticed changes - I am now sleeping less, but never feeling as though I need more sleep in the morning. I do find it a bit uncomfortable initially but that feeling quickly subsides, and after being on it for a while I reach a level of relaxation that I had only really read about in the past. I often doze off, or spend time in that blissful state somewhere between being awake and asleep.

    As a pain reliever, I have used it to treat severe menstrual cramping – I lie on it as soon as I start to feel discomfort and within 10 minutes the cramps stop, and I only needed to repeat this a few times on those days. (Until I found the pranamat, I had to choose between either suffering through the pain whilst taking time off work, else taking very powerful pain-killers which also left me unable to work – so this is the first time in years that my menstrual pain has been manageable).

    Aching neck and shoulder muscles has just been part of my life for some time, but within a week that seems gone (and it was significantly improved after just one session). This is without targetting anything in particular - so far I've mostly been experimenting with different durations, times of the day etc, just to see how it feels.

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  17. Julia

    Cannot recommend this enough! Cost effective way to bring circulation to one's back muscles. Quality product, guilt free materials, and the company even helped me out when there was a shipping error right away. My favourite way to spend a day off - yoga, warm bath, pranamat. Thanks so much!

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  18. Hillary Nunn

    Bought my mat at the yoga show recently. Abserloultley love it. Worth the investment. Since using my mat every morning between ten to fifteen minutes my back has improved a great deal. I would very much recommend this product. So glad I found you at the yoga show.

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  19. delesa

    1000 compliments for your excelent job.
    In my opinion PM made with high Europian standarts , plus good aesthetic taste in all details.
    This thing done competently.
    PM is vegan friendly too. But I need time for adaptation. Lotuses are very sharp.

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  20. Bernadette Gosling

    I have had my mat for a long time I bought many years ago at the The Yoga Show.... But finally it has come into its own.... I have been suffering with sciatica for 3 weeks......
    During that time I have been on Zapain for 6 days which only increased my distress by making me constipated, I changed the regime to ibuprofen & paracetamol which eased the problem.... But yesterday I remembered my Pranamat and stared using it again..... I slept on it last night and moved my pain killers on an hour, this afternoon I travelled in the car for 2+ hours sitting on my mat and over the period noticed continued relief including on standing no residue of discomfort.... This evening I have continued to sit upright on it and can categorically say I am pain free I am 20 mins away from taking my next dose and seriously considering not taking them. I am going to bed on it.... Pain freeeeeeeeeee!!! Thank you after 3 weeks of serious pain I feel can see a light xxxx

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  21. Mark

    A simple 20 min every day spent on the mat has brought me incredible benefits. Muscle relaxation and zero back pain have made sleeping a wonderful experience again. Thank you SO much. You have no idea how great it is to say this for me.

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  22. Annabel

    I have been struggling with sleeping problems for more than 10 years... i am 30 years old. it has been worst since i move to germany (i am from paraguay south america). I never wanted to take sleeping pills, i am very into natural things. I found pranamat somewhere tagged in instagram and called my attention the intensity of peoples reviews so i am doing my part and leaving mine as well. My husband on the other hand is very tall and poor posture so he has been struggling with back pains for years. We where short on money so as I save some to buy pranamat I used the time to research as much as i could about it. I got my pranamat and i have used all programs and the results are amazing... in my particular case, results were visible in continues use. Nothing magic like in the first 5 minutes, but we love it now and i am looking forward to buy the traveling version because we travel a lot (i am a travel blogger) and i really need and miss it when we travel. So, i told my friends and family (back in paraguay) about it but they are afraid i am too into it and that my opinion is not objective so they want to try with mine (i have plans to go in a few months) and then order it. The thing is, i was also believing that i was overstating results. So, today, the lady to whom wh rent the flat we live in, she is 65 years old, she told me she is having horribles back pains and that she can bearly walk. So i told her about pranamt (because in germany they are very open to nature things and solutions) and she ask me if she could try it. I explain her how to use it and i was very repetitive that it hurts at first and that she should continue using it at leaf 3 days to see the results... She took the mat and told she'll be back in three days... After 2 hours she was back, she told YOU ARE AN ANGEL, she wants me to order it for her (she is not very good in computer things) and that she is absolutely in love with it. SO, this are two reviews one is my super expected (because i waited a long time to get it and over research) and the other is from a lady who knew nothing about it... I am very happy with it... I hope i come with a bunch request from people from paraguay as we'll jaja so, thats it... I wish you all a happy "pranamating"/.

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  23. Tess

    I have wanted one of these mats for a long time and when I eventually got it I have not been disappointed. I have been so pleased with it that I've also bought one for my mother who is 80... She has it on the back of her chair so that she is always leaning against it when she is sitting down. She shows it with great pride to all the health visitors that come , and tries to explain what the purpose of it is! ... It has been the source of great interest from everyone who has seen it! Thank you very much for this great product the only problem for me is storing it because it's at the moment in a box that it came in but this really isn't ideal... Any suggestions?

    If you want to invest in something for your health this is the products that you should give serious consideration to!

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  24. replied on «Fantastic!»

    Hello, Tess!

    Thank you very much for such a great review! Hope Pranamat will bring to you and your mother a lot of pleasant feelings always!

    You are right, the box that Pranamat comes in isn't so durable and handy. So we designed a special eco-bag for storing the Pranamat which is made from pure linen. You can see it on our corporative website - And if you are interested in a different colours, feel free to contact us so we can speak about it with you in details.

    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards,
    Pranamat team

  25. Gill Coppard

    I've been using my mat for just a few days. Quality of sleep improved immediately. Tired legs and feet are no more with the energising programme. Energy and stamina have improved immensely. Very relaxing. I could use a smaller version for taking on camping trips but you do not appear to sell a smaller version although I have seen one advertised elsewhere. Are these genuine I wonder?

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  26. replied on «Love it.!»

    Hello, Gill!

    Thank you for your review. You may find a smaller version - Pranamat Mini - as well as a bag for Pranamat and other interesting stuff that we produce on our corporative website:

    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards,
    Pranamat team

  27. Rita

    As a personal trainer my body is always taking a hammering and althrough I know how bad it is not to stretch I don't really do...I brought the pranamat and make it my ritual to have a bath and relax on it for 15mins after... My body feels refreshed and rejuvenated ready for the next day.....My only wish is if it had a pillow joined so it could do all the upper back n neck...Thankyou

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  28. Audrey

    We both everyday spend 20 min on Pranamat and the feeling of tiredness is gone, no back pain, muscles relaxed, better sleep during all night. Thank you very much! We also appreciate the small knit white star, very nice on Christmas tree !!!

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  29. Lia

    It's been an amazing experience, as in the beginning I was hesitant of what benefits I will have. It has given me a relaxation and peace in mind status every time I would be using it. I recommend it to everyone that wants to find a harmless solution to severe and mild orthopedic problems but also a moment to get away from everyday worries.

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  30. Mia

    I received my order really quick. really happy with the service

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  31. Eliza

    Best recommendation I can give is that after using this product for 3 months, I bought another one for my mom. Best massage mat ever and bet gift for someone you care about too.

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  32. Becca Averill

    They say only a really good massage can get rid of cellulite… now I know it for sure. I use my Pranamat Acupressure mat every day and believe me, it really does work. The lotus flower shapes deeply affect all my problem areas and I only have to use it for 15 minutes or so to improve my circulation. I’ve had my Pranamat for about 2 months now; since then it’s helped reduce the cellulite dimples. 4 stars because it's a bit pricey.

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  33. Chester Hall

    Great mat, it relieves my sore muscles after I play sport and relaxes the tightness I get across my shoulders and neck after a long day at work. But most importantly for me (because I have a hernia) – the Pranamat ECO soothes loin pain, helping me to sleep like a baby.

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  34. Valerie *

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of cellulite? Even a small dimple? I finally found a great way to lose my cellulite, the Pranamat ECO. It’s a massage mat that I use every evening and which works all by itself with zero effort from me. My skin becomes smooth and firm, without any dimples. Best of all I don't need to do anything but sit on it! I can even use my Pranamat when I watch a TV or when I surf the Net. The effect is truly amazing, I could see results after just two weeks.

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  35. Brad

    Hmm, it’s no surprise the Pranamat ECO has a 10-year warranty and can be returned in 30 days without any quibbles. The secret’s simple – it’s such a wonderful, well-made product you’ll simply never want to return it. Perfect quality and amazingly effective.

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  36. Kelly & Paul

    Whenever I go on holiday I take my Pranamat ECO with me. I’m so used to enjoying a relaxing massage every evening, how could I possibly live without it for even a few weeks?! There is only one disadvantage; when I pack my Pranamat I can’t fit as many clothes into my suitcase as like usual. But my husband isn’t complaining – he never understood why I took so many clothes anyway. And you can bet he will use my Pranamat too ;-)

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  37. Randall Wood

    I sit in front of a computer all day and for the last few months I’ve suffered terrible neck pain and headaches. I thought of going to see my doctor until a friend told me to try the Pranamat. So I did and felt the positive effects almost right away. Yes it’s a bit painful but it’s a ‘nice’ pain that you quickly get used to. By my fourth session I’d started to enjoy the sensation. Now I honestly feel reborn and full of energy. The Pranamat is amazing – and it looks great too, even better than in the photos.

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  38. Katie Jackson

    I use it with the GUAM mud, and together they are unstoppable!

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  39. Pamela Taccori

    If you want to relax, relieve stress, improve sleep quality - buy massage mat, use it, and be happy:)

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  40. Sam

    Great massage mat! Really helpful after a hard day; saves me from tiredness, stress, back pain and muscle fatigue. Just 10 minutes on the Pranamat and I’m like a new man.

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  41. Sarah

    Saw results in 7 days and I highly recommend the mat to any woman who battles the dreaded lower body 'dimpling'. I'm not saying it solved my problem in 7 days, but I am optimistic after seeing these results.

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  42. Emilia

    I try to fight the cellulite 5 years already. I spent a lot of time and money to get rid of it. But when my sister presented me a Pranamat ECO, I realized that it is the best gift I’ve ever had. It helped me to reduce cellulite and even to lose weight. It affects not only on my cellulite dimples when I sit on it, but also improves metabolism when I lie on it with a naked back. So I use my Panamat every day and I do some fitness 1-2 times a week. That's all! It's my personal program how to have young and beautiful body at 30.

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  43. Matti

    I bought this as a gift for my sister. Delivery to Helsinki took only 2 days and she is very happy, says it’s very high quality!

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  44. Jessica

    Excellent service, and fast shipping! A wonderful product. I've been using it every single day and am seeing some remarkable results :)

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  45. Oscar Adamson

    Excellent product made from quality materials. Thank you very much!

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  46. Sofia

    I have very poor skin tone due to being heavy when I was younger, which meant I was left with stretch marks and flabby skin. After a month of using the Pranamat ECO for twice a day my skin has really improved. It feels firmer and the stretch marks are fading already.

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  47. Stephan

    I don't suffer from back pain or headaches but I really do need to relax after a long working day. So when my friends told me about the Pranamat I wanted to find out more. They use it to relieve back pain – but when I visited the website I soon learnt it had lots of uses. I could see it might help to reduce my tiredness and stress so decided to order one. I thought I’d try it for a week or two and if it wasn’t any good send it back (there is a 30-day ‘no quibbles’ returns policy). Now, when I come home after a long working day I lie back on my Pranamat for 10-20 minutes to re-energize and de-stress. It’s a beautiful sensation, like having a real massage in a spa. My mood improves, I feel more active and I’m even ready to do my housework. After just a month I noticed that I was more alert and energetic every day. At work I am now more efficient and creative too!

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  48. Alvin Bailey

    I suffer from cervical osteochondrosis and have regular back pain… headaches… dizzy spells… sleepiness and attacks of weakness. I use it to massage my back every day and whenever I have a headache I put an extra pillow under a mat (where the neck should be) then lie on my Pranamat. I feel so much better almost straight away! Weakness and dizziness attacks are much rarer now.

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  49. Maria Turano

    I've always had a problem with the derriere and thigh region, no matter how much I work out and watch my diet. I have tried everything to minimize my cellulite from expensive products to painful machines. And finally , Thanks to my Pranamat, I’ve found something that works!

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  50. Lisa

    I’ve suffered from muscle tension and periodic spasms, depression and fatigue due to fibromyalgia. But within a week of using my Pranamat, my muscular pain really diminished. My sleep has improved dramatically over the past few weeks and I’m definitely starting to feel so much less stressed. I was at the end of my tether and really couldn't afford the mat but went out on a limb and am delighted to say... I'm in love with my Pranamat!
    Now I want the mini ;-)
    Thank you Pranamat....

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  51. Emily Taylor

    I've been using this mat in combination with anticellulite mud and scrub. It’s great for fighting cellulite and improving the tone and texture of your skin. When you’re using the Pranamat ECO it feels like a heating pad is on. The sensation lasts 20-30 minutes and then goes away. I just started using it but I already see results. It is a terrific product that I highly recommend.

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  52. david bailey

    Not really had time yet, on my second week. Purchased for sciatica cure but not much effect yet, fingers crossed.

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  53. Lola

    I've been using the Pranamat ECO for almost 3 months now. My skin looks smoother and healthier than it has since I became a mom almost a year ago. I even saw noticeable results within a couple of days.

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  54. John Walbridge

    I have to admit, that Pranamat ECO really works! It might be not so cheap as any other analogues on market, but the quality speaks by itself! Look at that perfect shape! I'm not saying about ECO-friendly materials - it's all visible by a naked eye! Quality in everything - that's the motto of Pranamat ECO! Just after several procedures my back pain is gone, and now I'm overwhelmed by energy. Just brilliant! Thank you very much!

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  55. Dwain Lado

    Pranamat is a beautiful product, and does exactly what it claims to do. I have not used an ice pack, heating pad, or pain reliever pill since I got it! In two weeks I forgot about pain!
    Very good quality! The materials are top notch and all organic, construction is solid, and it just plain feels great.

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  56. Lorraine

    If you are in severe lower back pain as I have been and are at the end of your tether with trying every pain killer along with their awful side effects please give this a try:) I was sceptical at first and thought the mat to be expensive but I was pleasantly surprised upon trying the mat for the first time. It does take time to get use to the mat which can be uncomfortable upon the first use but persevere it does get more comfortable every time you use it. I now use the mat for 30 mins every day and I will soon start to use the mat in the evening for further benefit. I have had considerable pain relief and haven't needed to take pain killers since using the mat:) The only suggestion I would make to Pranamat is put ties on the ends of the mat so it can be tied closed and even a handle could be added as its awkward to carry and store as it is. The price of the mat seems high and I feel the price could be lowered.
    Excellent Product and it works!! but if Pranamat reduced the price more people would be able to benefit from its positive effects and it's ability to reduce pain and discomfort.
    I highly recommend the Pranamat for back pain.

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  57. Darren Horton

    It helped me feel much more relaxed just before bedtime, and I am sleeping much better now.

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  58. Lilly Dixon

    This mat works just as intended. I have awful muscle spasms in my legs when I sit for more than a few minutes. After lying on the Pranamat for 15 minutes a day for a week the pain is already almost a distant memory. And I'm sure that the improvement will continue. Great buy!

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  59. Kimberly Hooper

    My co-worker recommended this mat to me when she noticed that I was looking really stressed and depressed. I started to use it 3 times a week as it was stated in the user guide, but now I use the mat almost every day. About 10 – 15 minutes when I wake up and 10 minutes after I come home from work. Now I feel much more energy during the day and no stress at all. I love it so much!

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  60. Harry Eaton

    Bought it for my sister, so these are her comments. When her neck muscles gets tense and give her a headache, she uses it with a rolled towel under the neck. That usually release the tension and makes the headache go away. I’ve already ordered one for myself – I’ll probably take it to the office when I need the relaxation effect!

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  61. Alden Hoffman

    I consider myself to be experienced user of acupressure mats, by the time I bought Pranamat Eco I already had 2 mats from different manufacturers. But still I was impressed by this one. Despite the pressure points are like other mats, the overall quality of Pranamat is amazing, esp inside filler (or as they call it – coconut filler) – good to know that you can improve your health by using only eco friendly products.

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  62. Alice Blair

    This works when you’re wearing nothing but I live in a cold climate and the amount of time I can spend half naked on the mat is virtually zero. I think the spikes should be strong enough to feel through a t-shirt. It does work on my feet while standing and wearing socks, but that’s just because all my weight is on my feet.

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  63. Ann Gorman

    I’m not going to pretend that I’m a guru of acupressure, I’m not even sure I know exactly how it works. But, Dear Lord – I fall asleep on the Pranamat and sleep so well, and what’s more, when I wake up I feel refreshed and full of energy. This is just what I’ve been searching for, for such a long time.

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  64. Michael Williams

    I have suffered from migraines for about 3 or 4 years now and I have to take pain killers – which I don’t like. The doctors told me there is nothing that can heal me. But I swear this mat helps – no, it doesn’t eliminate the headache, but it helps me relax and somehow forget about this pain. If you suffer from migraines you should definitely try the Pranamat – it’s a good addition to standard treatments.

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  65. Steve Smith

    The Pranamat acupressure mat was one of those things I purchased not sure whether it’s just another gimmick or if it would actually help. Now I can honestly say I’m delighted with the results. Since using it regularly I’ve had no more problems with stress and depression – which really affect me.
    Although it feels a bit uncomfortable at first, you soon get used to the mat. A really good investment in your health.

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  66. amanda

    I was firstly impressed with the classy packaging in which my Pranamat Eco arrived. The product looks lovely - mine is turquoise, which is a lovely relaxing colour, and the linen cover and pretty lotus flower heads looked perfectly made, to very high standards. I found to begin with it was better to wear a thin cotton garment when lying on the mat, and just build up the time on the mat from a few minutes to begin with. I have felt the benefits of the acupressure already, after just a week or two, as I have low blood pressure and hence my circulation can be sluggish. I found that using the Pranamat invigorated my circulation and was very energizing. So a great product - great quality - great results!

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  67. Rosalie Webster

    Ever since a car crash a few years ago I’ve suffered from cervical vertebrae pains. Then my friend told me about an acupressure mat that he had bought. I was very sceptical about it, because I’ve tried a lot of different treatments and nothing has worked. But I did a little research and decided to give it a go... To this day I’m still surprised at how much the Pranamat helps me overcome my pain. It takes me just 5 minutes to get used to the pressure and after that it feels very good – I even fall asleep on it. When I want to target specific parts of my neck I just put a rolled towel under my mat in that area.

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  68. Steven Garcia

    After consulting with my friend who is an accupuncture therapist, I bought one for him and one for me. I have to say about the’s well worth the spent money. Product arrived promptly – it is as pictured with clear user guide inside. At first, I found it increadibly painful - I was anticipating the first 5 minutes of discomfort, but then I got this strange warm sensation. I definitely feel a different "flow" of energy and my muscles feel much better now. So far, I really enjoy it, we’ll see how it deals with headaches.

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  69. Erik Heel

    My wife got the acupressure mat weeks days ago, I was so curious about it that I could not help but try it out, and I can say it works great! After a long and stressing day of work, it’s like having my own acupuncture therapist at home, it seems like the stress and fatigue goes away when I lay down on it. I let my body rest on it and after few minutes of feeling a bit strange sort of itchy I feel totally relaxed. It is a great product I wish I found out about this long ago.

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  70. Marcia Dean

    I’ve ordered this mat and it arrived really fast. So when I opened the box I was happy to see that it was just the same as pictured. Good quality and impressive design. So why I have bought it?! I suffer from moderate neck pain and frequent headaches. It took me a while getting used to mat and as some reviewers said I would definitely recommend wearing a shirt when laying on it, but it really helps to reduce pain. I use it already for 2 weeks and I can definitely feel the difference. I also put the mat over the back of my chair and get the same benefits while working. Overall I’m happy with the results.

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  71. Vicki Fields

    I care about my overall health, and try to live a healthy lifestyle. Over past years I’ve noticed that I’m generally achy from time to time, I mean I don’t have any specific problems, but I just feel like I need a massage or meditation. As you understand, daily massages aren’t an option. So I was in the constant search of something that could help me, and my friend recommended me to try acupressure mat. As well as I care a lot about my health, I wanted this acupressure mat fit my personality...and I’ve found Pranamat Eco. I really love the design, and the idea that it’s made of only eco friendly components. This is actually what I was looking for.
    Now I spend about 25 minutes on it every day before I go to bed. The results are fantastic. I started noticing small improvements within the first week or two and I've been feeling better and better each week. I'm really glad I found Pranamat Eco.

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  72. Steve Kelly

    I have suffered from back pain the last 5 years and was sick and tired of taking different pain killers. Before I bought this mat I had read a lot of reviews and thought that it’s just couldn’t be true, but still decided to try it out. And I’m shocked – what a difference. After a week of using acupressure mat I feel much better. Back pain is no longer torments and exhausts me, I feel totally reborn now. So I owe a big thank you to the creators of Pranamat Eco for helping me and my health problems

    Helpful review?
  73. Patrick Perez

    My wife has used it every day for about a month now. She wore a shirt originally with it and there was no pain. Yesterday she tried with no t-shirt and there was some pain but she was already able to handle it. She said she is sleeping much better since using it. It is a more sound sleep. It is the biggest benefit she has seen from it. As for me, I was really curious about it so I lay down on it in my bed for 20 minutes...and it was just as described in the user guide: uncomfortable at first – very warm and relaxing after. I felt very relaxed and tension free. I think I would recommend this product to anyone with back, shoulder or neck pain. It works!

    Helpful review?
  74. Anna Hill

    I just in love with this mat. I purchased it because I’m a big fan of acupressure point therapy. I have a great deal of tension in my body, especially in neck and shoulders areas. Sometimes the muscles began to spasm so hard that I ended up with taking anti-inflammatories, and I really hate it. With lying down on this mat I usually get rid of pain within 20 minutes. The size is just perfect, mostly I lay on my back, but I find that lying on my side lets the lotus "nails" sink into my hips and reduces tension there. If I want to stimulate my neck and the base of my head, I roll a towel up and put it under the mat so that it conforms to my neck.

    Helpful review?
  75. Betty White

    I suffer from degenerative disk disease and to be honest nothing was working to ease my pain. So I started to look online for something that might help and by chance I’ve found this acupressure mat. To be honest I didn’t believe in such things, but still decided to buy it...and you know what, now I can’t imagine my life without Pranamat. I use it every night before going to sleep – it helps to take the pressure off of my back and let the muscles rest, thus helping to ease the pain. This is really awesome product and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Helpful review?
  76. Jerry Nelson

    My mother had been suffering from sore muscles and insomnia since I remember her. She has tried many different massages, also has seen nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists but nothing really helped her. So I bought her pranamat eco for her birthday just to try it out, although I didn’t give much hope to it. We studied the user guide and I persuaded her to lay on it and she has been hooked ever since. She uses it 3-4 times a week, now her problems with insomnia have gone and the same is for muscle problems. I can assure you people, you will not be disappointed with this mat.

    Helpful review?
  77. Dora Medina

    I’m a mother of three kids, and I surely have no time for myself but few minutes here and there. What I like about this mat is that you need only few minutes a day on it and you feel so revitalized and energized that it helps you keep going with your work. I bought it almost a year ago and still using it, what’s more I also recommended it to all my family and friends.

    Helpful review?
  78. Della Potter

    I gifted pranamat to my father-in-law who has everything, including back pain. Now he uses it every day. Well, it didn’t cure his chronic back pains, but he is in much less pain and feeling better after using it. He just loves it.

    Helpful review?
  79. Donald Harris

    I initially bought the Pranamat Eco as a possible relief for neck pain. However, it not only helps me with my neck problems - it relaxes me throughout the day and before going to bed. I had difficulty getting used to it when I first tried it because of the sharpness of the points, so be sure to wear a shirt at least the first time or two. But all in all it’s a great product and I’m definitely going to keep using it!

    Helpful review?
  80. Annie Johnson

    Great product, high quality and works instantly! After just 3 sessions - lesser back and joints pain, more energy. Would definitely recommend.

    Helpful review?
  81. Merrill Picado

    I cannot believe that a product costing as much as just one acupuncture session can have such an immediate and measurable affect, but I'm not complaining! I'm addicted to this thing already and am telling all my friends and workmates about it. If you are suffering from a sore neck or back or migraines, I urge you to give the Pranamat a could save yourself a hell of a lot of time, pain, hassle and money by easing your symptoms in your own home in a mere ten minutes each night.

    Helpful review?
  82. Frederic Belgrade

    I’ve had sciatica for 8 weeks now so I’ve been having acupuncture a few times a week, which gives pain relief for a good day. So I thought I'd try this mat out to get the same relief at home. My nights were so depressing, with cramp in my hip and aching leg, so when I couldn’t get to sleep I would lay on my side on the mat in bed. Although it takes a while to get used to the spikes (about 5-10 mins), once you do you feel really calm and relaxed - so much so that I fall asleep every time! The not so nice thing is peeling yourself off it when you have been on it a bit too long! I can highly recommend it for pain relief and a lovely feeling of calm and well-being.

    Helpful review?
  83. Carlo Leonesio

    My wife finds this mat excellent, to the point where I'm not even allowed a shot at it myself. She has complained much less about her lower back since she started using it - so hopefully she'll soon get back into the garden chores!

    Helpful review?
  84. Carter Nahrstedt

    At first I doubted this product would really work. Before, I couldn’t live a normal life because of my lower back pain. I tried a lot of things: a lot of therapies, a lot of pills and experts. I ordered the Pranamat ECO without much hope – so I was shocked when I tried it for the first time. After just a few minutes it began working and I felt better. Now I feel completely free of back pain. Thanks!

    Helpful review?
  85. Lane Schwarcz

    I read all the reviews of this Pranamat mat and was a bit sceptical about it. However I do really struggle with sciatic pain in my leg and back, so I was desperate to try anything that could help. After the 2nd use I noticed the pain had gone away. Now I use it once a day for about 15 minutes. It does hurt at first but you get used to the sensation quickly and forget about the pain. Highly recommended.

    Helpful review?
  86. Merrill Colleg

    This is a revelation! I got it for a bad back caused by sitting at a desk all day, but it turns out that it really does help you sleep - in fact I keep falling asleep on it when I don't mean to! This is extremely unusual for me as I tend to sleep rather badly. I don't really understand how it does this but I'm not complaining - and my back is better. A bit painful at first, but easy to get used to (I didn't get the same effect at all when I tried it with a t-shirt). Wonderful!

    Helpful review?
  87. Maximo Martinel

    I am not awarding this product 5 stars but only because the Pranamat takes some real getting used to. So be aware of this fact because initially it can be uncomfortable, to say the least. The second time I tried the mat, I found it to be less uncomfortable. Then, subsequently, I did begin to feel true relaxation. No one was more surprised than me, given that inauspicious beginning. I have continued to use it and found it to be effective for lower back pain relief and treatment. I do think it is a very good product, though it is a rather expensive one and does take a bit of getting used to.

    Helpful review?
  88. Denver Woleslagle

    Actually I wondered that this therapy really works. I wasn`t able live a normal life, because of back pain. I tried a lot of things: a lot of new medical technologies, a lot of pills and hospitals, the best therapies, but nothing helps me… I ordered Pranamat, without trust, and I was shocked when I tried it for first times. After 4 days of use it began working and I felt better. Now I feel pain free! Thank you very much for this awesome product!

    Helpful review?
  89. Cristy Dedios

    I've used different acupressure mats for 2 months. Then I was given the Pranamat as a gift. It`s much more effective for me than the cheaper versions. Worth the extra cost, definitely a superior product and beautiful too.

    Helpful review?

Expert opinions

Valerie Vanier, the Director of Spameeting and the Founder/GM of Mission Beauté

I am the Director of Spameeting and the Founder/GM of Mission Beauté.

I was really curious to try Pranamat. I found it a bit unpleasant the first time during the very few first minutes but, as said in your notice, I stayed on it. And, really, the quality of my sleep has already very much improved.

Valerie Vanier Spameeting director, founder and general manager of Mission Beaute, France

It’s been only couple of weeks since I started to use the Pranamat.

I am amazed and pleased that I can already experience positive impact on my health and wellbeing of the product. It is very efficient tool for resolving tension, stress and helps with deep relaxation and in my case — most importantly with sleep.

The little needles of lotus petals are bit ticklish, but after couple of minutes laying on the mat you do not feel any disturbance. The minimal time for me to relax deeply on the mat would be about 15–20 minutes.

The mat is compact, so I have taken it with me to work to sit on while at my desk. I also used the Prana Mat while doing my Yoga exercise, in particular it works well with seated, some of the standing and balancing, and restorative asanas.

I definitely can recommend the mat and wish everyone happy using.

Jevgenya Barone researcher, yoga teacher, United Kingdom
Svetlana Nikitina, 39, Ayurveda specialist, certified doctor, Latvia

Although being a doctor and consulting people with health problems, when trying the Pranamat I was trying to identify the benefits it can bring to people in general with no serious patologies.

I discovered an amazing role for the Pranamat to play nowadays when people due to long office hours and lack of time spent in the fresh air are not having enough oxygen supply which is a vital source for healthy life and proper functioning of human body.

The Pranamat is amazingly stimulating the skin integument. Microcirculation of blood is activated thus stimulating the absorption of oxygen through skin. It leads to better elasticity, vivid color and improved structure of the skin. Due to the usage of synthetic materials in our clothing we are preventing the skin from the essential amount of oxygen as well as stopping the proper oxygen supply to our inner organs. By skin stimulation all the body starts “to breathe”.

The skin is our main part of the body for the detoxication. Therapeutic massage mat is activating the blood circulation even in very small capillary which leads to activated detoxication. Getting rid of toxins is one of the main processes for keeping healthy and clean body and proper functioning of all the organs.

It is hard not to notice the naturally warming impact the Pranamat creates for the back. Our natural thermoregulation centers are stimulated. People with back pain can heal it and people who never had back pain can prevent it. The warming effect appears in the part of the body where it is needed at the particular moment the most.

As great as acupressure massage therapy or acupuncture therapy can be, the Pranamat works in similar technique but what is special about it – it works on various points at the same time.

From all the effects mentioned by me above as 39 years old woman I can say that the skin is the best sign for the young and energetic look and we want to keep it elastic and healthy as long as possible, so I would definitely recommend it to every woman and in all the parts of body you can imagine! In combination with anticellulite oil or cream after using the Pranamat it can be an amazing help in conquering that problem.

From doctors point of view I can say that lungs and skin are connected and by stimulating the skin, all the body starts to “breathe”. Due to this function Pranamat can be a great support in healing bronchial and pneumonic diseases. I will definitely recommend it to my friends, clients and family.

Svetlana Nikitina Ayurveda specialist, certified doctor, Latvia

I got my first Pranamat nearly a year ago and I still use my mat daily for ½ — 1 hr or more. A warning for first time users: Pranamat takes some time (from a few days to a week) to get used to. For the first couple of times lying on the mat may feel uncomfortable and prickly. I would suggest to start by lying on the mat only for a few minutes at a time with a T-shirt or so on. Increase the time gradually when your body (nervous system) gets used to it.

The way I mostly use my Pranamat is that I set it on my bed in the evening before I want to fall asleep and lay on it until I feel relaxed or until I fall asleep. In fact, many a night I do fall asleep on my Pranamat… In my experience Pranamat is a great tool for pain and stress reduction, for releasing muscle tension and for inducing relaxation. As a massage therapist, holistic health practitioner and assistant teacher of massage therapy, I always want to understand how something works on the body and why and how something works if it seems to work.

So, for those who are interested in understanding the science behind it, this is how I see that Pranamat works: When lying on my Pranamat, the pointy lotus flower petals stimulate the nerve endings in the contact area and send my brain ‘pain messages’ without me feeling the pain. The beauty of this is that as my brain receives such ‘pain messages’, my body starts releasing endorphins, which function as natural analgesic (pain-killer) and relaxant. Also, when lying on the mat, as the pointy petals stimulate my nervous system they also stimulate my blood circulation by bringing in blood to the body area in touch with Pranamat and thus increasing my peripheral circulation. So, for example, when I’m having cold feet, I stand on my Pranamat for 5–15 minutes and my feet will feel nice and warm again.

Massage Therapist and HHP from San Diego, California, SC

Stress and overload in the modern world… in an environment that is more and more troubled with sound, water, and air pollution where the human nervous system is always strained. Lymph vessels are deteriorating faster due to regular usage of preservatives in food. Due to a steep increase of convenience foods in our diet our body is feeding, on a cellular level, on various chemicals. Fresh milk in big cities is an unrealizable dream, crops and vegetables are almost always grown with chemical additions. To stay healthy we have no other choice than to learn to dispose of toxins faster and at the same rate as they are absorbed in our bodies. One of these methods is using Pranamat.

With ageing, we are gradually losing reaction and movement speed. From day to day, physical and mental stress pile up, born from unnatural activities for human beings; this weakens the nervous system and harms the flow of the essential fluids of life. Tension, constant worries, feeling of dissatisfaction and anxiety create a negative influence on the body. These are the most evil enemies that bring a human being to premature ageing.

To reduce their influence and lessen physical and mental stress, it is necessary to use helpful tools. Classic yoga postures, breathing exercises, casual sports, and contact with nature will certainly bring relaxation. But the problem is that modern people often don’t have time and strength for everyday exercise. Then Pranamat can help, being available at every time of day and with no special requirements. I recommend to my patients regular use of Pranamat. It will help with toxin elimination from the body, overall regulation of the organism and greater resistance to stress. I recommend using Pranamat before taking a walk near nature as then the processes will activate and you’ll have a bigger effect for your body. Pranamat definitely helps with slowing down the ageing process and helps to rejuvenate many systems of the body.

Doctor naturopath Latvia
Paola Heinonen, ProHealth Oy

My days are often very hectic, so I enjoy the calmness that Pranamat Eco gives me, every night when going to bed. I value the organic production and the great aesthetic colours. I recommend!

Paola Heinonen ProHealth Oy
Samantha Sample, an advocate for holistic health and wellbeing

After using the "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" Pranamat every afternoon for a couple of weeks I am sincerely impressed with the relaxation effect it has on my body. I spend a large portion of my day working on a computer, and as a result tension is sometimes held within my shoulders and back. I have been using the Pranamat to help make the transition from “working day” to “relaxing evening” and I must say that it certainly has helped tremendously.

In a world where we lead increasingly busy lives, spending more time at work, and bringing that stress from work to the home environment, many of us are finding it more and more difficult to naturally relax in the evenings. I highly recommend the Pranamat for helping to make that transition and to ease and release the day’s stress to help promote a peaceful nights sleep. Needless to say all the other wonderful benefits the Pranamat does for your health and wellbeing!

Samantha Sample an advocate for holistic health and wellbeing

It’s amazing how much people have embraced the Pranamat Eco — especially staff — with weary legs and tired feet!” “Customers are really loving this item (Pranamat Eco) and it is really taking next to no selling to see them walk out of the door!

Bonnie manager of Karma Living store, Adelaide, Australia

I really love this mat so much I have recommended it to friends and family. The first time I used it I wasn’t sure as it was a bit prickly but you get used to it and enjoy it after a while. I use it every day and as I suffer with back and shoulder problems this has helped a lot and was a really good buy.

Paula United Kingdom
Dr. Maksim Volodin, ayurvedic therapeutist, student of Dr. Torsunov, expert in Yoga and Vedanta. Studied in Vedical health institute in Mumbai, India

I felt an enormous therapeutical delight from body contact with Pranamat Eco.

Besides direct theraphy I sit on it in padmasana during the day reading books and working on computer. Its impact is similar to same of well known Kuznetsov and Liapko applicators, but given piece is different by almost immediate effect that is achieved by competently applicators placement on the mat, by their design, material and puncture step as well as by optimal application pressure that is achieved by coconut fibers inside the mat.

Other important factors are Pranamat’s high ecological compatibility and aesthetic. Thorns irritate skin and nerve endings in and around acupuncture points causing stimulation of local blood circulation and inner organs that are reflexively connected to a particular body surface area.

I believe that Pranamat is very helpful to yoga practitioners and all of those who do not have any prejudice towards acupuncture.

Dr. Maksim Volodin ayurvedic therapeutist, student of Dr. Torsunov, expert in Yoga and Vedanta. Studied in Vedical health institute in Mumbai, India
Caroline Shola Arewa, Master of Yoga, Health Coach and expert on the ancient Chakra system. Author of the highly acclaimed ‘Opening to Spirit’ and Founder of Energy 4 Life — health and conscious living programme.

I admit to being a little bit sceptical when I first saw the Pranamat. I have had the privilegeand life changing experience of living in India for one and half years and am committed to preserving its ancient knowledge and teachings; so I was also intrigued. Something about the quality and colours of the Pranamat and friendliness of the team drew me in when I first saw and experienced the Pranamat at the London 2009 Yoga show.

The Pranamat is a high quality, attractive, contemporary bed of nails. Wow, how does this work? I asked myself. I had seen the old beds of nails in India and never been tempted to lay on one, for obvious reasons! I certainly would not want to get pierced by nails. I felt no need to test my will power or prove my mystical capabilities. However, I was happy to try the Pranamat and immediately stepped on to it. After standing on it, an amazing sensation filled my body that I knew was triggering the nerve pathways throughout my whole system. My feet and body tingled at first and then gave way to a feeling of peace. I wanted to put the Pranamat to the test. Over the past two weeks, I have used my mat daily I have stood on it, laid down and relaxed on it, and used it at my desk as a foot or back rest. I have really enjoyed it and most of all I have definitely felt an increase in my energy levels and a need for less sleep.

So how does it work?

The Pranamat is actually working on many different levels. It works on the physical, psycho-emotional and metaphysical levels. Physically it is great because it stimulates the nervous, cardiovascular and immune-endocrine systems. It has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system as it both stimulates and relaxes. In order to relax on a bed of nails you have to release and let go, it requires you to focus, breathe and return your attention to your physical body. This is very healing in itself as many of us live outside our bodies preferring not to feel the various aches, tensions and stresses we regularly live with. Pranamat helps you release physical and mental blockages, allowing you take up residence again in your body. Pranamat promotes self-regulation which is your body’s ability to self heal given the right circumstances.

This process of release and self-regulation also involves the psycho-emotional aspect of your being. Unlike many activities, lying on the Pranamat asks you to be conscious and present. It requires a special kind of awareness; the lotus petal nails are relatively sharp so you have to be aware as you get on and off the Pranamat. Anything that raises body awareness is a good thing. A level of trust is also developed, although the lotus nails cannot pierce the skin and are not really painful, it is still a challenge initially as the mind negotiates with itself finding the trust and courage to step onto the mat. This strengthens the mind much like walking on fire, only a lot easier. As you gently allow the pressure of your bodyweight to settle onto the mat pressure from inside your body is released. You spontaneously breathe and let go as you initially get on the mat. It reminds me of some of the stress techniques used in somatic therapies where a build up of pressure is created in the peripheral body that eventually gives way to a release in the inner body and corresponding internal orgāns. This offers a sense of deep relaxation. When using the mat for periods of twenty minutes and more I experienced deep relaxation and what is known as Yoga Nidra, Yoga sleep. This is a waking sleep that deeply rebalances the entire body, mind and spirit.

Using the Pranamat daily is a ritual, a meditation, and in this way it raises energy Ievels and uplifts the spirit. It is a wonderful way of getting rest, alone time and deep relaxation. It gives the body an opportunity to switch to parasympathetic dominance; this has a cleansing effect on the body. Chemicals release that clean up after the body has been subject to flight and flight chemicals, which are a common occurrence in modern living. We are often plagued with stress and all its related dis-orders and repercussions. While relaxing on the Pranamat, visions, colours, dreams can be experienced, the body might gently jerk, spontaneous sounds may be heard, these are all signals of the body, mind and spirit self-regulating. Resting on a Pranamat can provide the system with much needed space to heal and revitalise.

After my initial scepticism, the Pranamat gets my vote. I use it personally and with clients. I recommend it as a tool for relaxation and self-regulation that can help the body self-heal. The colours used for the Pranamat are designed to resonate with the chakras and different energetic vibrations in your body. This ancient Indian tool has been preserved by "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" as a high quality, beautiful contemporary way of relaxing and re-balancing for health and wellbeing.

Caroline Shola Arewa Master of Yoga, Health Coach and expert on the ancient Chakra system. Author of the highly acclaimed ‘Opening to Spirit’ and Founder of Energy 4 Life — health and conscious living programme.