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Tammy Hembrow

“I don't talk too much about mum aches, but let's just say the struggle is real! The Pranamat has these massage flowers which press into your skin and stimulate blood flow. It eliminates muscle aches from your body and naturally boosts your energy. You can just take 15 minutes me time on Pranamat, then get back to work!”

Laura Kasperzak

“I can honestly say that I am hooked. The hundreds of lotuses are seriously sharp, but when you lie down on them the only thing you feel is this incredibly warming sensation and calmness. Your back and shoulders will get a bit red but I’m finding it offers an incredible release of the tension in my neck, shoulders and back.”

Koya Webb

“I love this intense yet beneficial massage with my Pranamat set. At first I thought I couldn't take the pressure but after a couple of times I got use to it. The Pranamat relives tension & pain in your back, waist and neck while improving skin tone and reducing cellulite AND its 100% eco friendly.”

Sarah Stage

“It’s been so nice having this Pranamat massage set while I’ve been recovering from my second c section. The #acupressure massage targets important nerve centers, alleviating stress and anxiety while stopping muscle spasms. It also helps release tension in my back and shoulders from breastfeeding so frequently. I'll be also able to use it for my training, warming up muscles and boosting my energy.”

Janna Breslin

“When you can’t afford to have a massage therapist come to your house everyday, you get a pranamat! Have any of you ever tried anything like this? The massage set helps relieve muscle tension/pain and helps with sleep. Who knew laying on hundreds of spikes would feel so good! Crazy I know but I swear it worked… one of those “you need to try it” type of things!”

Sasha Banks

“I know back pain, and that’s why my Pranamat massage mat and pillow has got me so. I use mine to help me bounce back when my back acts up or when I go hard at the gym. It gives you a deep, warming massage which knocks out pain in your back and shoulders, and gives you a big lift of energy! The best thing is it only takes 15 minutes! Lying on my Pranamat after a hard day feels aaamazing, and it’s the best thing for my back and shoulders!”

Jasmin Walia

“It helps my back to stay healthy, invigorates and keeps me energized through the whole day. I have also noticed that its a good at relieving headaches.”

Leanne Ward

“For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been spending at least 15 minutes on it daily each morning before work & I leave my house feeling energised & ready to tackle the day.”

Naya Rappaport

“This mat is super beneficial and it's $$ because of the quality and materials used to create this long lasting acupressure mat. It's seriously amazing.”

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