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Pranamat ECO Lavender & Lavender + Bag

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Pranamat ECO Pranamat ECO Lavender & Lavender + Bag - illustration
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Therapeutic massage mat - experience the Pranamat ECO for unparalleled quality and proven results. The unique design incorporates traditional massage principles. Try this all-natural mat for full revitalization. It is a physical experience that activates all areas of your body, stimulates the mind, and promotes spiritual growth. The benefits of this mat are countless.

The reason why Pranamat ECO is so effective is because of the time-honored strategy of focusing equally on causes and symptoms of body pain. The mat utilizes a balanced, all-round approach which can put you on the road to total health.

  • Size: 28.7 × 17.7 in (73 × 45 cm)
  • Cover: 100% natural linen
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic certified for use in surgical equipment
  • Mattress: 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Mattress cover: 100% untreated cotton
  • 221 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each

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  1. Marissa

    Hello, I received my pranamat a couple of days ago. I just like to say thank u. I was a bit sceptical at first, but had purchased your product for a number of reasons. Anyway, last night I had quite bad period pain so I thought I would lay down on my mat for 15mins on my back & relax. Well, I can honestly say that for the first time ever, I didn't have to take any pain medication & I fell asleep without my period pain returning. I was so happy & only hope that my mat continues to deliver welcomed relief. I'm so glad I found your wonderful product, thank you.

  2. Lauren

    These products have absolutely helped relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety. Which allows me to focus on my mental health. I have noticed relief in my neck and shoulder tension, and sinus pressure. The mat and pillow also allow me to naturally fall asleep quickly. Highly highly recommend for anxiety symptoms.

  3. Melissa Muller

    I love trying new things when it comes to helping ease back pain and I'm so glad I took advantage of black Friday deals and ordered my new Pranamat!! It showed up on my doorstep days later and I have been using it every day since. The lotus flowers can feel a bit sharp on direct skin contact- but I'm building up to that.

  4. Kamila H

    I've ordered my matt on Friday night and it was with my on Tuesday mid morning - from Latvia to Australia - super fast delivery. I have use my matt for only 2 days but I love it already! After work, I spend a lot of time sitting at home and studying and have been using my Pranamat to help with my back and neck problems and so far I love it! Would highly recommend it!

  5. Julie

    This mat is ahhhhh-mazing!!! It has worked out so many knots in my back, rehabilitated my muscles and has also relived my stress level! Thank you Pranamat - you rock!

  6. Erin Docking

    I've had my pranamat just over a week now and the impact it's already had for me is incredible. I work a desk job and have terrible posture so I've been struggling with back and shoulder pain for a while now. By using this mat of an evening and quickly in the morning, not only is it providing great relief but I feel less stressed and more relaxed during the day which is helping me remember to sit correctly at my desk. I've also had some injuries to my knees and get pain quite regularly and was suffering quite a bit lately, I put my pranamat over a pillow and then put it under my knee and while it doesn't cure my injury, the relief I've had for the last few days is just amazing. This may is so worth the buy and next for me is saving for the pillow.

  7. Meghan

    I love how this mat can be taken with me wherever I go! This natural solution is so much better than taking pain medications or seeing an expensive acupuncturist!

  8. Kaitlyn Rhodes

    I am notoriously bad about taking time for recovery from workouts. This will be a great tool for taking me time for intention setting and muscle recovery.

  9. Nicole

    I use my Pranamat every morning (after I wake) and night (before bed) for 20 minutes. I highly recommend the Pranamat if you sit at a desk all day long, are looking to energise the body or simply relax all your muscles for a peaceful and relaxing sleep! It's a new staple in my everyday routine! Love love love it! xx

  10. Polly Swann

    I really love my Pranamat ECO. It definitely takes a while to get used to, but once you have it's great!