Handmade in Europe
Handmade in Europe
5-Year Warranty
5-Year Warranty
30-Day Trial Period
30-Day Trial Period
Natural Materials
Natural Materials
Powered by green energy
Powered by green energy
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Community Sсience

This brand was going green when Greta Thumberg was still in disposable diapers.

The Pranamat ECO brand has long understood “wellness” to be holistic and include personal wellness, wellness of planet and wellness of conscience.

Community Wellness

The Birth of a Sustainable Wellness Brand

When VOGUE called Pranamat ECO "a brand that is dedicated to the health and happiness of people and the planet," I finally felt understood.

Oct 16 2021

Pranamat ECO: Natural Help for People Suffering from Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness characterised by musculoskeletal pain throughout the body, fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression. Typically, the pain is located in joints, muscles and ligaments.

Oct 17 2021

Pranamat ECO: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are reading this, it means that your initial experiences with Pranamat ECO did not live up to your expectations. You probably feel too much discomfort when you lay on the massage mat without a t-shirt, and you don’t exactly feel a sense of relaxation. Have we guessed right?

Nov 09, 2020

Wellness retreat in Bali with Pranamat ECO

A fantastic wellness retreat sponsored by Pranamat ECO took place last week on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Beautiful FullyRaw Kristina held yoga and meditation classes using the Pranamat ECO acupressure massage set. Check out the amazing pics!

Jun 01, 2020

Masks for Heroes Project

40k masks have now been donated to healthcare workers in 11 countries. We’re so grateful for the full and overwhelming support of our customers. Thank you for the amazing photos and thank yous from our heroes on the frontline. We are all in your debt - thank you for going to work to keep us all safe.

May 27, 2020

Masks for #frontlineheroes

We have repurposed a portion of our workshop to the production of face masks. We donated these to front-line medical teams, volunteers and support staff.

May 17, 2020

Expert Review: Anxiety Coach Amy Thomson on Pranamat ECO®

Anxiety Coach Amy Thomson on Pranamat ECO®
Amy helps women with anxiety achieve their dreams and goals, in life and in business.

May 15, 2020

HOW-TO? Pranamat ECO acupressure Massage Set

With Pranamat ECO it’s effortless, natural and pleasurable tool to get rid of back pain. If you’re feeling stressed out or low on energy or anxious or are having trouble sleeping or your neck aches or you just need a boost, try Pranamat ECO first.⁣

Apr 23, 2020

Best at-home massage by the Independent

Pranamat ECO massage set was declared a "BEST BUY" by the Independent.

Mar 10, 2020

Pranamat ECO supports NHS Midwives

Pranamat ECO supports NHS Midwives!
We were so touched by this pic from University Hospital Birmingham. We just had to share it!

Mar 02, 2020

Deep massage at home

Check out how deep and intense massage is with Pranamat ECO! People ask us all the time: What does it feel like? Does it hurt? How come this is pleasurable?
These are our words: Pranamat ECO Massage feels weird for the first few seconds. Then you get a flood of warmth and tingling. After that comes deep comfort and intense pleasure.

News Community
Sep 01, 2019

Сhallenge in support of the Childhelp foundation

This year we host barefoot challenge in support of the Childhelp foundation. Get the whole family involved, every leg counts!

News Community
Jul 18, 2019

OEKO-Tex certified acupressure massage set

Pranamat ECO is the first massage set to receive OEKO-TEX certification, which signifies the high quality of our products. We've received certificates on separate components before as we use only ecological, high-quality materials, which are safe for humans and for the planet, BUT we’re thrilled to get the OEKO-TEX seal of approval for finished product.