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We believe wellness must come from a place of integrity. At Pranamat ECO we use only non-toxic, natural and ecological materials. This creates the unmistakable Pranamat ECO experience. Your well-being is our priority, so trust in nature, lay down and let your body do the rest.

Pranamat ECO always goes a step beyond: combining intelligent, elegant design with the best materials. Pranamat ECO is ethically handmade with:
Coco Mat, Pranamat ECO
HIPS plastic

HIPS plastic

100% HIPS plastic, hypoallergenic and ecological, approved by the European Union.



100% linen, dyed with natural hypoallergenic dye.

REAL cotton


100% natural cotton.

NATURAL coconut fiber

Coconut fiber

Natural coconut fiber, supportive and safe.

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