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Pranamat ECO Set (Mat + Pillow) Military Green
Pranamat ECO Set (Mat + Pillow) Military Green
Pranamat ECO Set (Mat + Pillow) Military Green
Pranamat ECO Set (Mat + Pillow) Military Green
Pranamat ECO Set (Mat + Pillow) Military Green
Mat + Pillow
The lowest price of the product in the period of 30 days: $305
Green Edition
The Basic Massage Set consists of the Pranamat ECO Mat and Pranamat ECO Pillow. It targets the head, neck, shoulders, whole back and sacral region. Use the whole set together and separately. The Pranamat ECO Pillow will help you work out the muscles of the lower back and neck-collar area. The Pranamat ECO Mat affects active points of the back, abdomen, arms or legs.
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Product Size
Pranamat ECO Mat: 28.7 x 17.7in ( 73 x 45 cm)
Pranamat ECO Pillow: 13.38 x 17.72 (34 x 45 cm)

  • HIPS plastic. Safe for health also used in food packaging and toys.
  • 100% Natural coconut fiber
  • 100% untreated cotton
  • 100% natural linen
  • Pillow Filler: 100% natural buckwheat hulls

  • Do not fold the mat in half as this may damage the lotus spikes. It is recommended to store the mat flat in the Big Bag, hang it in your closet on a hanger or put it under the bed or in a drawer laid flat.
  • Do not wash your Pranamat ECO in the washing machine. Handwash the covers in a mild detergent, if necessary. It is recommended to periodically sprinkle the lotus spikes with a mild disinfectant between washes.
  • Avoid drying your Pranamat ECO in direct sunlight, otherwise the beautiful bright hue of your massage set will fade away.
  • Keep your Pranamat ECO away from moisture, dust, dirt, kids, pets and direct sunlight.

How to use your Pranamat ECO

When you first have a massage with Pranamat ECO® the feeling is truly unforgettable – the sensation you get is intense! But after a few moments a pleasant warmth spreads through your whole body, tension and discomfort disappear and you can enjoy all the pleasure that massage brings.


Happy Back
Happy Back
Reported significant or total relief from back pain
Clear Head
Clear Head
of study participants reported disappearance or significant alleviation of headaches
Sound sleep
Sound sleep
of clients noticed a reduction of fatigue and low energy
Light Legs
Light Legs
of people say that regular massage improves circulation, breaking the numbness-pain cycle.
Toned skin
Toned skin
agree that the appearance of cellulite is reduced over time.

Frequently Asked Questions All you wanted to know about Pranamat ECO and even more

The surface of the Pranamat ECO mat is larger than that of most massage mats. The 28.7 × 17.7 in (45 x 73 cm) size is big enough to cover your entire back, which allows for maximum exposure to the specially-calibrated lotus-flower massage elements. This adds up to a truly transformational experience.

Pranamat ECO products have been tested according to STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX and is certified. Certificate number is VN025 155799.

Yes, all Pranamat ECO products include a user guide. Languages include: English, Spanish, Russian and Latvian.

We lovingly hand-make all Pranamat ECO products ourselves, in beautiful Latvia (European Union). Our highly-skilled craftspeople work to rigorous standards – taking care of every last stitch. We don’t outsource – because our production is ethical, and we need to know that we are delivering you the highest possible quality.

The benefits are noticeable after the first few minutes of the first massage, starting with a sensation of warmth in the skin. After about ten minutes you will start to feel a sense of comfort and peace.

If you receive a defective product or detect an abnormality during the warranty period, please submit a claim to [email protected] describing the defect and attach photos detailing the defect.

Pranamat ECO is ethically handmade in our own European lab and workshop, according to the highest quality standards. All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

At Pranamat ECO we’re proud of our craftsmanship and believe in the longevity of our natural materials. Your warranty covers any defect of production, so you can enjoy your Pranamat ECO for years to come. If you’d like to apply for a replacement, for reasons other than normal wear and tear, please contact us on [email protected] with your photos and we’ll investigate on a case-by-case basis. If you qualify, you’ll be issued a single lifetime replacement per purchase. In the meantime, please store your Pranamat ECO flat inside the Big Bag or on a surface that’s out of the reach of moisture, kids and pets.

Many children love using Pranamat ECO. If your child uses Pranamat ECO, they should have adult supervision at all times, since the petals are sharp. A child’s skin is particularly sensitive, so we suggest placing a linen cloth or cotton t-shirt between the mat and body and limiting the session to 10-15 minutes. We get feedback from parents explaining that they allow their child to gently touch the lotus flowers with their fingertips to develop motor skills. Some parents also encourage their kids to gently press their feet onto the mat, from a sitting position.

Hi there! Pranamat ECO has been specifically developed for, clinically tested on and safety checked for use on the body - head, neck, shoulders, back, butt, tummy, legs, feet. For that reason we can't recommend using it on the face, although we understand the desire!

For best results, use Pranamat ECO every day, and whenever you feel a specific need. We recommend making Pranamat ECO part of your daily routine. For example, use it after brushing your teeth, once you are ready for bed each evening. Or place it on your office chair for the first 20 minutes of your working day.

Pranamat ECO is designed to massage the back, neck, arms, legs, feet and hands. It can also be used on the scalp; the top or sides of the head. It is, however, not recommended for use on the face, chest or inner-thigh area.
Marie Clarie
Womens Health

Everybody loves Pranamat ECO

I’ve struggled with chronic illness & pain over half my life. Pranamat relieves pain that medication doesn’t even help or reduce. My mat has truly been a miracle for me. I’m assured by all its benefits & am truly grateful. After just minutes of use, I go from a state of suffering to healing. I recommend it to everyone I know.
Lydia Taylor
I just started using it so I have very little experience but so far, I am liking it. I am loving the bit of pain with the comfort I get from laying on the mat. I am especially loving the sensation on the soles of my feet as they rest on the soft spikes, it feels very relaxing especially as I watch my favorite series.
Christine Villacarlos
Highly recommend getting a Pranamat! It is so great for relieving a stiff back after working at a desk all day, relaxing and calming when stressed, and helps me sleep so much better at night. I absolutely love using my Pranamat and look forward to it every day!
Emily Jackson
I got a pranamat for Christmas! I have wanted one for a long time mainly for sleep and neck and back tension. I can not believe how much it has helped with my sleep!! I do about 15-20 min before bed. Before pranamat I was waking up so many times in the night because of menopausal night sweats and now I wake up maybe once or twice. It is amazing!! After about 5 minutes of laying on it I start to feel relaxed. I can’t sing the praises of pranamat enough!!
Rebekah Dunbar
Fast delivery…the quality of the set I got matched my expectations from pics and videos! Not going to lie it takes a bit of time to get used to the feel….I recommend starting slow and gradually add more minutes to each session and also test different surfaces as the feeling you get is totally new (using your mat on the floor or in bed for ex!) But to my own surprise I fell sleep last time I used it on my bed!! It was sooo relaxing. So if you are thinking about it - go for it!! You wont regret it!
Henar Alvarez
I’ve had my pranamat for some time now and then kept adding to my collection. The pillow, the bag.. I can honestly say it’s the best thing since sliced bread! I use mine for both relaxation and when I have back pain or a headache. The warm sensation once off the mat is such a lovely warm and pain release when in pain. Don’t be out off by the price and buy a cheaper version like my mum did. They just aren’t the same. Pranamat is a great investment.
Jenny McCoy
Using this mat has changed so many things. Anytime I have any aches and pains in my neck, back, or a headache. I lay on the mat and pillow or both and in no time I feel amazing. I even got my husband to use it and he regularly falls asleep on it. So glad we made this purchase.
Jennifer Connolly
I had been eyeing the pranamat for some time before I received it as a Christmas gift. I have always been prone to upper back knots/tightness and now being a nursing mom to 3 kids 3yo and under has only exacerbated that. I was curious and hopeful to see if the pranamat would provide the relief I was seeking so as soon as I got it I immediately put it to use. The first couple times laying on it did take some getting used to but the results I was/am experiencing were enough to keep me coming back. After several minutes my back would get very warm and I would just feel my body relax into it. Every time I have layed on my pranamat I have either gone to sleep or briefly dozed off and I get up feeling rejuvenated. I have made it a part of my daily routine now to lay on it for at least 20min, if I'm feeling a headache coming on or any sort of muscle tension I pull out my pranamat. It has been so effective at helping with my back/neck pains, headaches, sleeping, and moods. It provides a very grounding and relaxing experience that is very appreciated as a mom with young children. If for some reason something were to happen to my pranamat in the future I would absolutely repurchase it myself, 100% recommend this product
Grace O

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