Handmade in Europe
Handmade in Europe
5-Year Warranty
5-Year Warranty
30-Day Trial Period
30-Day Trial Period
Natural Materials
Natural Materials
Powered by green energy
Powered by green energy
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Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green
Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green
Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green
Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green
Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green
Pranamat ECO + PranaPillow + BigBag Military Green

Basic Massage Set + Bag

Mat + Pillow + Big Bag
The lowest price of the product in the period of 30 days: $370
Color: Military Green
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Product Size
Pranamat ECO 28.7 × 17.7 in (73 × 45 cm)
PranaPillow 13.38 x 17.72 in (34 × 45 cm)
Pranamat ECO Big Bag 29.13 x 17.32 x 0.39 in (74 × 44 × 1 cm)

  • Cover: 100% natural linen
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic. Safe for health also used in food packaging and toys.
  • Pillow Filler: 100% natural buckwheat hulls
  • Filler cover: 100% cotton
  • Pillow: 95 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each
  • Mat: 221 lotus-flower massagers with 25 petals each
  • Lotus-flower massagers: HIPS plastic. Safe for health also used in food packaging and toys.
  • Big Bag: 100% Untreated Linen

  • Avoid drying your PRANAMAT ECO in direct sunlight, otherwise the beautiful bright hue of your massage set will fade away.
  • Store your PRANAMAT ECO flat in the Big Bag, hang it in your closet on a hanger or put it under the bed or in a drawer laid flat.
  • Please do not put your PRANAMAT ECO in the washing machine as it doesn’t like it.
  • Keep your precious PRANAMAT ECO away from moisture, dust, dirt, kids, pets and direct sunlight.
  • You can periodically sprinkle the lotus spikes with a mild disinfectant between washes.
  • Please don’t fold the mat in half as this may damage the lotus spikes. We recommend storing flat.
  • Handwash the covers in a mild detergent.

How to use your Pranamat ECO

When you first have a massage with Pranamat ECO® the feeling is truly unforgettable – the sensation you get is intense! But after a few moments a pleasant warmth spreads through your whole body, tension and discomfort disappear and you can enjoy all the pleasure that massage brings.

9 reasons to choose Pranamat Eco

Happy Back
Happy Back
Reported significant or total relief from back pain
Painkillers can relieve unpleasant sensations, but pain can come back when the medicine stops working. Massage is a great way to relieve the underlying muscle tension. Pranamat ECO triggers a release of powerful pain-blocking endorphins.
Clear Head
Clear Head
of study participants reported disappearance or significant alleviation of headaches
Tension in the neck muscles cause blood vessels to narrow, which is one of the most common causes of headaches. The nerve cells in the brain do not get enough oxygen, causing pain attacks that can last from a few hours to several days.
Energy Boost
Energy Boost
of clients noticed a reduction of fatigue and low energy
A period of stress, an infection or loss can trigger fatigue in many of us. Clinical studies prove that Pranamat ECO Massage can improve overall wellness and help to restore energy levels. This offers the freedom to live, work and love as you deserve. Everyone agrees it's a fantastic fatigue fighter!
Sound Sleep
Sound Sleep
of people say that massage at bedtime helped them fall asleep faster, and wake fewer times during the night
Sleep is the cradle of wellness. Pranamat ECO induces natural, restful sleep. It encourages your body to suppress cortisol and release endorphins. Cortisol is the stress neurotransmitter associated with wakefulness.
Sunny Mood
Sunny Mood
of study participants observed feeling significantly happier when using Pranamat ECO for thirty days
Low mood can be the result of stress, poor lifestyle, underlying illness, a change of seasons or simple human sadness. By activating the "happiness" neurochemistry in the brain, Pranamat ECO Massage has been proven to lift mood.
Strong Mind
Strong Mind
of study participants felt calmer and more resistant to stress with their daily massage
Stress is the body-mind reaction to external stimulus, such as work pressure or family problems. Anxiety is an internalised baseline of fear or worry. Pranamat ECO Massage has an immediate calming effect that you can feel in your body.
Supple Muscles
Supple Muscles
observed total muscle relaxation, improved posture, and a stronger-feeling spine
Pranamat ECO Massage improves blood flow to the area of massage. This blast of warmth, oxygen and nutrients deeply relaxes the muscle tissue. Twenty minutes is all it takes to relieve a stiff neck, aching shoulders or knotted back.
Light Legs
Light Legs
of people say that regular massage improves circulation, breaking the numbness-pain cycle
Leg pain has many causes. It can be the result of rigorous exercise, poor circulation, trapped or inflamed nerves, or a symptom of the immobility associated with other conditions. Whatever the cause, it has a serious impact on quality of waking life.
Toned Skin
Toned Skin
agree that the appearance of cellulite is reduced over time
The skin loses its tone over time due to poor blood flow. Thighs and butts hold a protective layer of fat that inhibits blood flow, causing cellulite. Pranamat ECO Massage draws blood to the skin, which leaves it looking smoother and more toned.

Frequently Asked Questions All you wanted to know about Pranamat ECO and even more

The surface of the Pranamat ECO mat is larger than that of most massage mats. The 28.7 × 17.7 in (45 x 73 cm) size is big enough to cover your entire back, which allows for maximum exposure to the specially-calibrated lotus-flower massage elements. This adds up to a truly transformational experience.

Yes, all Pranamat ECO products include a user guide. Languages include: English, Spanish, Russian and Latvian.

We lovingly hand-make all Pranamat ECO products ourselves, in beautiful Latvia (European Union). Our highly-skilled craftspeople work to rigorous standards – taking care of every last stitch. We don’t outsource – because our production is ethical, and we need to know that we are delivering you the highest possible quality.

Pranamat ECO products have been tested according to STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX and is certified. Certificate number is VN025 155799.

The benefits are noticeable after the first few minutes of the first massage, starting with a sensation of warmth in the skin. After about ten minutes you will start to feel a sense of comfort and peace.

The detailed user guide can be found inside your Pranamat ECO product box.

If you receive a defective product or detect an abnormality during the warranty period, please submit a claim to [email protected] describing the defect and attach photos detailing the defect.

Pranamat ECO is ethically handmade in our own European lab and workshop, according to the highest quality standards. All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

The Pranamat ECO warranty period is five years. Please keep all the original payment and delivery documents.

In the case of returning a defective product within this period, we will supply a replacement. Please provide proof of payment; your receipt and put your request for replacement in writing to [email protected] We will supply further instructions from there.

Many children love using Pranamat ECO. If your child uses Pranamat ECO, they should have adult supervision at all times, since the petals are sharp. A child’s skin is particularly sensitive, so we suggest placing a linen cloth or cotton t-shirt between the mat and body and limiting the session to 10-15 minutes. We get feedback from parents explaining that they allow their child to gently touch the lotus flowers with their fingertips to develop motor skills. Some parents also encourage their kids to gently press their feet onto the mat, from a sitting position.

For best results, use Pranamat ECO every day, and whenever you feel a specific need. We recommend making Pranamat ECO part of your daily routine. For example, use it after brushing your teeth, once you are ready for bed each evening. Or place it on your office chair for the first 20 minutes of your working day.

Please see our Medical Disclaimer for more details.

Recognized by

La Razon
WeGreen Awards
Live Organic Awards

Everybody loves Pranamat ECO

Charlotte Rivera Echevarría
Apr 16, 2021
Wow, wow, wow. Yesterday night was my first night using this mats. This is amazing, I'm a registered nurse and my back always hurts. I go to a chiropractor and it help but this mat, wow there are amazing. Thanks!!
Amy June
May 21, 2021
From someone who suffers from chronic pain daily my Pranamat has helped me escape! at first it was too painful to lay on but i kept trying and you do get use to it! I found wearing a comfort bra and underwear on helps alot! Pranamat takes all the tension away, rocking your head from side to side feels incredible! The warm feeling you get relaxes me so much ? it is now part of my routine and I couldn't live without it ?
Morwenna Portman
Sep 22, 2020
My whole family loves my pranamat... It encourages my kids to take a moment and stop to relax, my hubby (a farmer) uses it after his bath at night to help him to sleep and I use mine with my meditation app, combining the 2 really relaxes me (thank goodness!) its a whole family purchase ❤️
Beate Drebeinika
Oct 07, 2020
Love it till the last piece. Helps a lot for blood circulation, back and neck pains. Helps me to wake up in the mornings, I’m enjoying it , feeling peaceful and relaxed when using it. Took some time to get used to it but It’s definitely worth the price. Thank you Pranamat ECO.?♥️
Ann Rodgers Lovell
Oct 16, 2020
Highly recommend the Pranamat. I suffer from migraines and Rheumatoid arthritis. So wanted something to help the pain, sleep and headaches. So far it’s helping all three. I got so comfy on it I fell asleep. My tip is pop a blanket over yourself to keep warm. Well worth the money.
Kelly Hind
Nov 16, 2020
Loved the packaging when it arrived. Started using on the sofa with a thin jumper as when I used a tshirt I found it too much, I have gradually worked my way to a thin tshirt now. I use it mainly on an evening to help me wind down and now use my mat and pillow just before going to sleep. I do have a very stressful full time job and as well as a toddler so I do appreciate the speed in which it helps me relax. I also think I am now sleeping better.
Rachel Cannady
Nov 25, 2020
These mats have been life-changing for me - especially with working at home so much! I bought the mat, mini, and pillow and use them all - just bought an additional pillow so that I can use one at my neck and one at my lower back at the same time ? I use them to unwind at the end of the day and have the mini at my feet, too, so that I can rest my feet on them throughout the day. I really cannot speak highly enough of my Pranamats - they are hands down the best thing of 2020 for me! ❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca Adel
Dec 26, 2020
Both and boyfriend and I LOVE using our Pranamat — we like to use it when we get into bed at the end of the day, and sometimes end up falling asleep on it because of all the pressure that it releases from our bodies. Love, love, love. Cannot recommend it enough!
Michaelyn Sebold
Jan 12, 2021
It's wildly, weirdly, amazing! It takes time and you have to build up. I use it at night before I go to bed and I notice I'm sleeping better. I also step on either the mat or pillow and that is refreshing!!
Raylene Reiger- McDonald
Jan 12, 2021
Loved the whole experience with this company from the awesome product and colour range and the excellent packaging and fast delivery by the way health benefits are working already great investment thank you guys

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