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Lavender moon


Pranamat moon pillow

Full Body PRO

Mat + Pillow + Mini + Big Bag
Color: Lavender & Lavender

  • Pranamat Massage mat
  • PranaPillow
  • Pranamat Mini mat
  • Pranamat linen storage bag

  • moon_lp_gift
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Full Body Original

Mat + Pillow + Mini
Color: Lavender & Lavender

  • Pranamat Massage mat
  • PranaPillow
  • Pranamat Mini mat

  • moon_lp_gift
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Mat + Pillow
Color: Lavender & Lavender

  • Pranamat Massage mat
  • PranaPillow

  • moon_lp_gift
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Basic Massage Set + Moon

Mat + Pillow + PranaMoon
Color: Lavender & Lavender

  • moon_lp_gift
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Make sure it’s your perfect match

Mat + Pillow
Mat + Pillow + Mini
Relief from stiffness and pain in my head and neck.
Back massage on-demand for tension and stress relief.
Energy-giving and wellness-balancing leg and foot massage.
Full Body Massage for maximum therapeutic effect.
Easy travel with a smaller Pranamat ECO Mat.
5-year Warranty
Marie Clarie
Womens Health

Everybody loves Pranamat ECO

I’ve struggled with chronic illness & pain over half my life. Pranamat relieves pain that medication doesn’t even help or reduce. My mat has truly been a miracle for me. I’m assured by all its benefits & am truly grateful. After just minutes of use, I go from a state of suffering to healing. I recommend it to everyone I know.
Lydia Taylor
I just started using it so I have very little experience but so far, I am liking it. I am loving the bit of pain with the comfort I get from laying on the mat. I am especially loving the sensation on the soles of my feet as they rest on the soft spikes, it feels very relaxing especially as I watch my favorite series.
Christine Villacarlos
Highly recommend getting a Pranamat! It is so great for relieving a stiff back after working at a desk all day, relaxing and calming when stressed, and helps me sleep so much better at night. I absolutely love using my Pranamat and look forward to it every day!
Emily Jackson
I got a pranamat for Christmas! I have wanted one for a long time mainly for sleep and neck and back tension. I can not believe how much it has helped with my sleep!! I do about 15-20 min before bed. Before pranamat I was waking up so many times in the night because of menopausal night sweats and now I wake up maybe once or twice. It is amazing!! After about 5 minutes of laying on it I start to feel relaxed. I can’t sing the praises of pranamat enough!!
Rebekah Dunbar
Fast delivery…the quality of the set I got matched my expectations from pics and videos! Not going to lie it takes a bit of time to get used to the feel….I recommend starting slow and gradually add more minutes to each session and also test different surfaces as the feeling you get is totally new (using your mat on the floor or in bed for ex!) But to my own surprise I fell sleep last time I used it on my bed!! It was sooo relaxing. So if you are thinking about it - go for it!! You wont regret it!
Henar Alvarez
I’ve had my pranamat for some time now and then kept adding to my collection. The pillow, the bag.. I can honestly say it’s the best thing since sliced bread! I use mine for both relaxation and when I have back pain or a headache. The warm sensation once off the mat is such a lovely warm and pain release when in pain. Don’t be out off by the price and buy a cheaper version like my mum did. They just aren’t the same. Pranamat is a great investment.
Jenny McCoy
Using this mat has changed so many things. Anytime I have any aches and pains in my neck, back, or a headache. I lay on the mat and pillow or both and in no time I feel amazing. I even got my husband to use it and he regularly falls asleep on it. So glad we made this purchase.
Jennifer Connolly
I had been eyeing the pranamat for some time before I received it as a Christmas gift. I have always been prone to upper back knots/tightness and now being a nursing mom to 3 kids 3yo and under has only exacerbated that. I was curious and hopeful to see if the pranamat would provide the relief I was seeking so as soon as I got it I immediately put it to use. The first couple times laying on it did take some getting used to but the results I was/am experiencing were enough to keep me coming back. After several minutes my back would get very warm and I would just feel my body relax into it. Every time I have layed on my pranamat I have either gone to sleep or briefly dozed off and I get up feeling rejuvenated. I have made it a part of my daily routine now to lay on it for at least 20min, if I'm feeling a headache coming on or any sort of muscle tension I pull out my pranamat. It has been so effective at helping with my back/neck pains, headaches, sleeping, and moods. It provides a very grounding and relaxing experience that is very appreciated as a mom with young children. If for some reason something were to happen to my pranamat in the future I would absolutely repurchase it myself, 100% recommend this product
Grace O
It's absolutely wonderful It helps me with my lower back problem Improved my sleep and help with reducing stress It's my biggest and greatest discovery I cannot recommend enough Everyone should have one
Justyna Budzyn
I’m a professional ballerina and including Pranamat in my evening bedtime routine has been a game changer. It allows me to relax my back muscles and fall into a restful sleep.
Mirell Sork