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Migraines: explanation and pain management

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A migraine is a hereditary neurological disorder that manifests as a recurrent, pulsating headache.

How do migraines occur and what contributes to their development?

Migraine pain occurs as a result of vascular pathology when the cerebral arteries expand. Expanding unevenly, these arteries put pressure on adjacent nerve cells. After vasoconstriction occurs, blood circulation in nearby tissues is disturbed, which can also cause pain.

Systemic diseases, disorders of the metabolism or pathology of the central nervous system can also trigger the development of a migraine. 70% of patients with a migraine have a hereditary predisposition to this disorder.

Important: visit a neurologist first

Anyone experiencing something even slightly resembling a migraine should visit a neurologist. 

Vascular diseases, hypertension, and tumors sometimes present with the same symptoms as a migraine. 

It’s necessary to rule out more serious conditions before tackling your headaches. Of course, the first advice you’re likely to receive is to avoid risk factors. 

Adjust your daily exercise regimen, nutrition, even methods of contraception. To prevent migraine attacks, taking a cold shower both in the morning and in the evening is recommended.

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Taming migraines!

Massage is one of the most effective tools at your disposal in the fight against migraines. Applying proper pressure helps to improve blood circulation and normalize blood vessels in the brain. In ancient China healers actively used the stimulation of biologically active points in the treatment of patients, and this became its own branch of medicine. In the human body, there are a huge number of nerve endings, covering from the top of the head down to the heels. Relieving tension in the cervical spine is also recommended by most neurologists in order to help prevent strong headaches.

The massage technique is very versatile, and the most effective is acupuncture and acupressure. Pranamat ECO is a therapeutic acupressure massage mat and is highly recommended for those who suffer from migraines. Its unique lotus flower-shaped massagers can help bolster the vascular system, increase muscle tone and restore energy levels. Head massage with Pranamat ECO will relieve pain, improve blood flow in the scalp, and eliminate tension.