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Big Tech Embraces Pranamat ECO® Massage - it's all about corporate gifts

We're so thrilled that in the fast-paced world of corporate gifting, Salesforce, a behemoth in the tech industry, is making waves by redefining the art of giving. Forget tote bags and company logo water bottles. This Holiday season they've chosen Pranamat ECO® Massage sets to gift their team, turning the spotlight on enhancing employee well-being, reducing stress and muscle tension, and fostering a genuine culture of care. The workplace wellness we've always held so dear is here to stay!

We're so proud to be working with our new forward-thinking partner, Salesforce! We've been staying up all weekend to embroider their company logo onto our multi-award-winning Massage Set! And we're so excited to think of the team who've about to get the best corporate Christmas gift ever... unlimited massage at home, that soothes body and mind, ups productivity and ensures employee satisfaction!


Why did they choose Pranamat ECO®?

Elevating Well-being:

Pranamat ECO® is not just gifting a product; it's gifting a lifestyle upgrade. Pranamat ECO® Massage is a daily ritual that enhances mental and physical well-being, providing a much-needed break from the demands of the corporate world. This is a business that cares about the psychological safety of their employees. This evidence-based Massage Set is clinically to improve blood flow, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, reduce anxiety and generally enhance quality of life - not just a good gift - but a great option for any business, big or small who wants their corporate gifts to serve their employees past a single day.

Stress Reduction at Its Core:

The tech world is notorious for stress, but Salesforce is taking a stand. Pranamat ECO® is the stress-buster employees didn't know they needed. A few minutes of daily relaxation on the acupressure mat can transform the office environment into a haven of calm. A better way to manage workplace risk of burnout, an evidence based good choice for managers, all teams and customers. Even the sustainably packed box is emblazoned with a calming lotus - Pranamat ECO®'s signature vibe.

Loyalty Rewarded:

This isn't a run-of-the-mill corporate gift; it's a reward for loyalty. Salesforce values its team, and Pranamat ECO® is the tangible expression of that appreciation; for that extra two hours worked on a Saturday night; for the stress suffered to support a team member. It goes beyond the ordinary, symbolizing a deeper connection with the employees. People feel rewarded for their hard work when their organization provides them a chance to rest and a sense that their health is important; they are appreciated on a deeper level.

Back Pain Relief:

We know the toll long hours take on the body. Pranamat ECO® is their solution to the back pain epidemic, providing employees with a personal massage therapist to counteract the strains of desk-bound work. Office work, in person or at home is associated with sore muscles, job anxiety and the pressure to balance business needs with "life" needs. Corporate gifts that focus on the idea of wellness let your team know you care about their spine health.

Creating a Culture of Care:

More than just a gift, Pranamat ECO® signifies a real commitment to creating a culture of care within the organization. It's a tangible way of saying, "We care about your well-being, not just your work."

As the Pranamat ECO® Massage sets find their way under the Salesforce Christmas trees, it's not just a gift and it's not about money – it's a strategic move to redefine corporate care. Big tech is setting a new standard, and Pranamat ECO® is the game-changer that speaks volumes about their commitment to employee happiness, health, and genuine corporate camaraderie. This year, it's not just a gift; it's a statement.