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If you are reading this, it means that your initial experiences with Pranamat ECO did not live up to your expectations. You probably feel too much discomfort when you lay on the massage mat without a t-shirt, and you don’t exactly feel a sense of relaxation. Have we guessed right?

The good news is that these feelings are completely normal when you are new to using acupressure. In fact, many clients initially feel too uncomfortable with the sharp sensation of the lotus flowers digging into their skin, and the first massage is usually not as smooth and joyful as it looks in the advertisements. 

Our advice: don’t give up! Read our tips below and be reassured that your journey with Pranamat will become increasingly enjoyable.

Fun Fact: in 2020, the most common reason why Pranamat ECO was returned was… sensitive skin! 

Try Again - You’ll Soon Reap the Benefits!

Whether you experience discomfort at the start of your Pranamat ECO adventure depends on many factors: the thickness of your skin, your body fat percentage, and even your menstrual cycle!

So don’t be discouraged if the first massage sessions feel more like torture than the promised relaxation. Give your Pranamat a second chance, follow our tips and you’ll find that with a little perseverance, you’ll finally discover that amazing feeling that so many of our customers report experiencing.

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Before you continue on to our tips, be sure to join our amazing Facebook group. We guarantee that many members - just like you - struggled with the discomfort they experienced during the first massages, but found encouragement in hearing the positive accounts from other members. They continued trying - and now, they couldn’t imagine a day without a Pranamat ECO massage. 

In the group, post a question to get advice and hear the stories of other Pranamat users who struggled at first. 

Our Advice

Unpleasant sensations generally only arise during the first few minutes. After 3-4 minutes, you will notice that the discomfort begins to fade away and is gradually replaced by warmth and tingling.

  1. Try doing the massage on a softer surface. 
    Keep in mind that a massage on the floor will be more intense than on a bed or sofa. We recommend that you do not start your Pranamat ECO journey with massages on a hard surface. 
  2. Do not change position during the massage. 
    If you lie down on the Pranamat and feel discomfort, your instinct will most likely be to change your position - a gentle shift, a momentary detachment of your skin from the lotuses. Resist this urge, because even the smallest change of position will cause the discomfort to start again. 
  3. Try to relax.
    When you feel uncomfortable, you’ll subconsciously tense your muscles. Be aware of this as you lie on your massage mat. Breathe, and relax. 
  4. Distract yourself. 
    This will help with the above advice. Listen to music or an audiobook, but try not to hold any device in your hand, as this can increase your feelings of discomfort. For instance, scrolling on your phone may cause more pain in the shoulder blade of the arm in which you’re holding the device.
  5. Identify the part of your body that causes the greatest discomfort.
    It is unlikely that - for example - your entire back feels the same level of pain. For some, the lumbar region will be more painful, while for others it could be the scapula. Identify which part is more problematic for you, and place a thin cloth under it, while continuing to massage the rest of your body with bare skin.

Top Tip:

You can try doing the massage in a sports bra - this way, the upper portion of your back will be covered, and the lower back will have direct contact with the lotus flowers. 

It’s worth trying again

Pranamat ECO massage is… FANTASTIC! Of course, you will quickly reach the stage where you simply enjoy it. Regular use of the Pranamat ECO Set will not only make you feel more relaxed, but also make you feel happier and healthier.