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Clinical trials

Updated: Jul 14, 2020
Clinical trials

Results of the clinical trial conducted for the Pranamat ECO

In 2014, Pranamat ECO was subject to formal clinical trials. These trials were conducted in two key stages.

First stage

The first stage involved the recording of multiple laboratory measurements. These results confirmed that the use of Pranamat ECO:

  • Significantly increases the intensity of local microcirculation
  • Increases local metabolic processes within the tissues in the area to which it is applied
  • Reduces inflammation in the joints and the muscles
  • Increases the production of beta-endorphins (powerful natural painkillers)

Second stage

During the second stage of the clinical trials, participants in the test group were asked to complete a questionnaire after using Pranamat ECO daily for 30 days.

Clinical trial participant results*

Changes linked to back pain**

70% reported that their back pain had completely disappeared

 70% The pain has completely disappeared
 23% Intensity of pain is reduced
 7% The pain persists

Other sensations in the back**

97% reported a relaxation of the muscles in their backs

 50% The muscles are more relaxed
 35% The muscles are more relaxed and posture has improved
 12% The muscles are more relaxed and on-going load-bearing is easier
 3% No change

Changes relating to headaches**

80% noted a decrease or total absence of headaches

 43% There were no headaches
 37% The pain was reduced
 18% Headaches were retained
 2% Headaches appeared

Changes relating to feelings of fatigue and apathy**

100% said they felt less tired and apathetic

 82% Feelings of fatigue and apathy were reduced
 18% Feelings of fatigue and apathy completely disappeared

Changes relating to alertness, activity and joviality**

70% reported being more alert, energetic, and in a better mood

 70% Alertness, activity and joviality improved
 30% No change

Reaction to day-to-day stress**

90% noted an improvement in their resistance to stress

 90% I have a calmer perception of any given situation
 10% I am emotional/stressed

Changes linked to quality of sleep**

95% enjoyed a better quality of sleep

 67% The quality of sleep was improved
 28% Fewer hours of sleep were required
 5% The quality of sleep deteriorated

* These clinical studies were conducted in 2014, by a team of specialists from the Experimental Medicine Institute together with the University Hospital at the University of Latvia, reviewed by Dr. Dzintra Vavere, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

**After 30 day’s therapeutic use of Pranamat ECO

The Clinical Trial test period was 30 days, which is why we offer a 30-Day Test-Period. All the proven benefits can be felt within this time or you can get your money back.