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Fibromyalgia: how to live with this condition?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018
Fibromyalgia: how to live with this condition?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition which is easily recognized by its symptoms. It is distinctive in that the pain always appears at certain points on the human body in a symmetrical way: on the right side and on the left side.

A fibromyalgia diagnosis takes into account the existence of 18 sensitive points in different areas of the body: in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, etc. When pressing lightly on these points with your thumb - at least 12 points out of 18 will experience sharp pain. In addition to symmetrical pain, fibromyalgia can cause other symptoms:

What kind of pain points are we talking about?

  • feeling of stiffness and muscle pain during the morning hours;
  • sleep disorder;
  • energy loss;
  • headaches numbness.

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by poor concentration and issues with short-term memory.

Some facts we know

Fibromyalgia is a rare condition, affecting only 3-5 percent of the population. It most often affects people aged 30 - 60 years, the majority of which are women. Physicians don’t completely understand the causes of fibromyalgia pain. It is believed that this ailment provokes certain changes in the cerebral cortex. Which exactly hasn’t yet been established. Since scientists still don’t know exactly what causes fibromyalgia, there is no total cure at this time.

Lifestyle is halfway to recovery!

Since stress can exacerbate the disease, psychological and physical stress have to be avoided as far as possible. In addition, restful sleep, outdoor activities, and proper nutrition also contribute to a favorable psychological and emotional state. Home care is an important component of the holistic approach to health for those who have fibromyalgia. We recommend including Pranamat ECO in your daily routine. Its gentle massage will help to ease the pain in your body, relieve tension in the muscles, and will be effective in alleviating stress and spasms. A person suffering from fibromyalgia should take time off every day, avoiding overwork. Sometimes though you have a lot on your plate and it becomes a major challenge to set aside enough time for rest. Just lying down on your Pranamat ECO mat and pillow for 15-20 minutes a day can have a major influence on your restlessness and pain management.

Stay healthy!