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Expert Review: Anxiety Coach Amy Thomson on Pranamat ECO®

Updated: May 17, 2020
Expert Review: Anxiety Coach Amy Thomson on Pranamat ECO®
Amy helps women with anxiety achieve their dreams and goals, in life and in business.

We’re thrilled to work alongside Amy to help women fulfil their potential.
Here are the top tips from a recent article:

1. Learn the difference between what you can and can’t control.

2. Take control of your morning habits. Put aside some time to drink a big glass of water with a slice of lemon and do some mindfulness practice.

3. I also write down my goals, my to-do list and 3 things I’m grateful for in my diary each morning.

4. I lie down on my Pranamat ECO for 15 or 20 minutes. This gets my blood flowing and stimulates my mind and after that I feel ready for my day.

5. Shine awareness on your emotional habits triggered by anxiety. For example, binge-eating chocolate, watching too much news, communicating with people who trigger you or worrying about something you can’t change. Replace the habit with something positive, like massage, reading or using affirmations to start building a positive relationship with yourself.

6. Pranamat ECO: the best position to relieve stress. I recommend with minimal or no clothing on a hard floor. Put a blanket over yourself. It’s important to move your focus to your breathing. Let acupressure do its work while you count breaths.

7. Meditation on Pranamat is great for really connecting with the earth beneath you. It’s a really grounding feeling of being anchored and safe. I usually do this in a seated position, with my back straight and my palms facing the sky. The classic Buddha position.

8. Most people carry tension in the lower back, shoulders and neck. When lying on Pranamat, hug your legs to your chest and gently rock. This really helps dissolve that tension in a targeted way. Great before bed if you’ve had a busy day.

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“It’s so important to build habits into your routine, every single day, that will support you mentally and physically. Massage, meditation, breathing exercises, getting some cardio, eating a balanced diet, and being kind to yourself all play a vital role”.