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Let's preserve history and rebuild Notre-Dame together

Updated: Apr 16, 2019
Let's preserve history and rebuild Notre-Dame together
We are announcing an extraordinary campaign in support of Notre-Dame de Paris. All profits from the sale of goods in the next 48 hours will be transferred to the Friends of Notre-Dame fund, official fund for the cathedral, which will carry out its restoration.

This is not a commercial campaign. More than 100 000 acupressure sets produced by Pranamat ECO found their families in France. We sincerely empathize with our partners, customers and all connoisseurs of beauty.

We empathize with those who understand the true value of this historical, cultural and architectural masterpiece. We know how important it is to surround yourself with beauty, how important it is to preserve beauty, how important it is to remember and honor your history.

Pranamat ECO is a brand for which these are fundamental values. And we know our customer and friends share our values, so let's support Notre-Dame together!
You have a chance to participate – and get a life-changing wellness tool at a great price, but also to support the renovation of this historical masterpiece – Notre-Dame de Paris.
To attract more funding we are now offering discounts of up to 25%. This offer will be valid for 48 hours. All proceeds from this sale will be transferred directly to the restoration fund.
More people will know - more donations we will gather together. 

UPD 18.04.2019

We've got €32 173 to donate!  People from all around the world participated in this fundraiser! Canada, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Japan, Estonia, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ireland.
Every cent that you paid will go directly to the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris. Thank you for your participation! The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is a great monument of Gothic architecture, an important part of world culture, a witness to and a participant in almost 900 years of history and it is visited by 14 million people annually.
Thank you for taking part in this Pranamat ECO charity project and supporting this architectural monument of global importance.