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The New York Post about Pranamat ECO

Updated: May 11, 2018
The New York Post about Pranamat ECO

The New York Post , U.S. 4th largest newspaper, has just released an article on Pranamat ECO, where journalist Rebecca Santiago explores its benefits.

We are glad to find our product in “Trending” section, but would like to comment on several points of the article to give a more accurate understanding of the product.

What NY POST calls “tiny rubber spikes” are actually unique shape patented lotus flower massage elements, that are being made from HIPS plastic — biodegradable, premium quality material used in medical device & toy production. It is hypoallergenic & absolutely safe for your skin. Worth to mention, that this type of plastic is recyclable.

The #Pranamat hashtag on Instagram is definitely popular among yogis, but if we take a broader look at our customers, Pranamat ECO community is, in fact, very versatile in user profile. These are people of all ages, genders, fitness levels and hobbies, because every person interested in alleviating pains and tensions and boosting their well-being can take advantage of our product.

Pranamat ECO actually does hurt good and that’s the whole point. First sessions might feel prickly, but skin gets used to it in a while. We suggest starting little by little, increasing session time day by day and don't forget to study the manual that comes with the product and discover some usage tips in our social media prior to your first experience.

And finally, beneficial results of having acupressure massage with Pranamat ECO are proven by clinical studies carried out in EU & thousands of happy customers all over the world.