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What is Pranamat ECO made from?

Updated: May 04, 2019
What is Pranamat ECO made from?
Pranamat benefits from the best materials that nature has to offer.

All Pranamat ECO products are covered with strong, durable, washable (and beautiful) linen. Our sustainably sourced linen comes in a variety of on-trend bespoke and eco-friendly dyes.

Our Sets are double-lined with ethical cotton. The cotton is 100% natural. This provides another breathable layer to protect your Pranamat ECO Set. It also makes the outer cover easier to remove and clean.

The Pranamat ECO Mat uses coconut fiber to create a supportive mattress. Coconut fiber is naturally dust, mold and odor resistant.

No Pranamat ECO Set would be complete without the Pranamat Pillow. Buckwheat hulls allow for proper air flow, keeping you cool and dry. They don’t compress under pressure. Instead, they conform perfectly to the shape of your body. You can also use the Pranamat ECO Pillow for massage of the lower back.

Handmade in Europe

What about the proven and patented Pranamat ECO lotus? We searched everywhere for a material that was recyclable, strong, smooth, hygienic and long-lasting. We agreed that HIPS plastic was the best material for the job. It’s a low-emission plastic, so it has a small carbon footprint. It also takes much less water and energy to produce than most plastics. It’s non-toxic and safe.

The Pranamat ECO Massage Set was subject to OEKO-TEX® independent testing. And was OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified. That means Pranamat ECO is officially free from any harmful substances and safe for your skin.

There’s another upside to using the best natural materials. Your Pranamat ECO Massage Set is made to last. We don’t believe in throwing things away. We even offer a 5-year warranty on every single Pranamat ECO Massage Set. We’ve been around for 11 years now, and our very first customers are still using the same Pranamat ECO!